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Lin Hsiang-Mei
Lam Heung-Mei,  Lin Shing-Mei,  Lin Xiang-Mei
Filmography (1974-1987)
  Writer (1 film)
    Death Duel of Mantis (1978)    
  Producer (14 films)
    Where's the Swallow Way (1974)    
    I Am in Love (1975)    
    Flowers Fluttering Everywhere (1976)    
    The Black Justice (1976)    
    Pen She Shi Di Ai Qing (1977)    
    Death Duel of Mantis (1978)    
    Bao Zha De Ai Qing (1978)    
    Ku Qing Cao (1980)    
    The Young People Dream (1981)    
    The Gambler's Duel (1981)    
    Lily Under the Muzzle (1982)    
    No Way to a Girl (1982)    
    Sheng Gong Ma (1985)    
    Wei Hun Ba Ba (1987)