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陳洪民  ♂
Chen Hung-Min
Chan Hung-Man,  Chen Hung-Man,  Cheng Hung-Min,  Chen Hon-Ming,  Chen Hung-Men,  Chen Hsiung-Min,  Chen Hung-Ming,  Cheng Hong-Min,  Chen Hung-Min,  Chem Hun-Ming,  Chen Hong-Ming

Filmography (1957-1987)
  Director (19 films)
    Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters (1968)    
    A Valiant Villain (1969)    
    He Heals and Kills (1971)    
    The Eight Immortals (1971)    
    The Fly Dragon Mountain (1971)    
    A Lucky Break (1971)    
    Everybody Is Laughing (1972)    
    Ma Su Chen (1972)    
    Chiu Chow Kung Fu (1973)    
    Kung Fu Inferno (1973)    
    Fists of Vengeance (1973)    
    Impetuous Fire (1973)    
    Desperate Avenger (1973)    
    Chinese Acupuncturist (1974)    
    Mars Men (1976)    
    The Big Calamity (1976)    
    The Swift Shaolin Boxer (1978)    
    Little Hero (1978)    
    18 Secrets of Kung Fu (1980)    
  Writer (5 films)
    Thief Black Spider (1965)    
    Son of Thief Black Spider (1965)    
    Si Guang Biao (1966)    
    Ice Point (1966)    
    Ma Su Chen (1972)    
  Cinematographer (1 film)
    Ninja Commandments (1986)    
  Editor (122 films)
    Murder at Room 7, Keelung City (1957)    
    Da Qiao Qing Lei (1957)    
    Chang Feng Wan Li (1958)    
    Qing Tian Meng Hui (1961)    
    Under One Roof (1961)    
    From Dusk Till Dawn (1963)    
    Du Guo Chou Cheng (1963)    
    An Unseen Trigger-Man (1964)    
    Oyster Girl (1964)    
    Sorrowful Hardship Bridge (1965)    
    Tiger Bites Tiger (1966)    
    Fire Bulls (1966)    
    The Road (1967)    
    Tiao Chan (1967)    
    Her Puzzle (1967)    
    Dragon Inn (1967)    
    Morning Mist (1968)    
    Morning Song (1968)    
    Clover (1969)    
    Execution in Autumn (1972)    
    One-Armed Boxer (1972)    
    On the Waterfront (1972)    
    Desperate Avenger (1973)    
    Imperial Tomb Raiders (1973)    
    The Furious Avenger (1974)    
    Where's the Swallow Way (1974)    
    The Big Raid (1974)    
    Love in the Spring (1974)    
    Fury in Storm (1974)    
    The Spoiled Girl (1974)    
    The Miracle of Love (1974)    
    Judicial Sword (1975)    
    The Death Player (1975)    
    The Phantom Madam Peach Blossom (1975)    
    The Living Buddha Chikung (1975)    
    A Saturday Date (1975)    
    Monkey King with 72 Magic (1976)    
    The Wedding of Chung Kuei's Sister (1976)    
    General Stone (1976)    
    Iron Fan and Magic Sword (1976)    
    The Prodigal Boxer (II) (1976)    
    The Wrongly Killed Girl (1976)    
    Posterity and Perplexity (1976)    
    Trio Love (1976)    
    The Story of the Dragon (1976)    
    Duel with the Devils (1977)    
    Scorching Sun, Fierce Winds, and Wild Fire (1977)    
    My Sweet Love (1977)    
    The Glory of the Sunset (1977)    
    Love in the Shadow (1977)    
    The Love Affair of Rainbow (1977)    
    Love Stories (1977)    
    Five Kung Fu Daredevil Heroes (1977)    
    Hai Nu Kung Tuan Ku (1977)    
    Love Across the Bridge (1977)    
    Shining Spring (1977)    
    Cloud of Romance (1977)    
    The Fight for Shaolin Tamo Mystique (1977)    
    The Chivalry, the Gunman and Killer (1977)    
    Hero of the Wild (1977)    
    The Golden Age (1977)    
    The Misty Moon (1978)    
    The War of Sexes (1978)    
    Invincible Buddhism Kung Fu (1978)    
    Death Duel of Mantis (1978)    
    Militant Eagle (1978)    
    The 72 Desperate Rebels (1978)    
    Melody of Love (1978)    
    Bao Zha De Ai Qing (1978)    
    A Love Seed (1978)    
    Deadly Strike (1978)    
    The Tragedy Came from Vietnam (1979)    
    Freezing Point (1979)    
    Adventure for Imperial Treasure (1979)    
    12 Baldheaded Beauties (1979)    
    Hero of the Time (1979)    
    Fighting Ace (1979)    
    Story of a Repentant Juvenile (1979)    
    Woman Grinder's Revenge (1980)    
    Living and Loving (1980)    
    Bird in Rain (1980)    
    The Undated Wedding (1980)    
    Clown Dui Hong-Chun (1980)    
    Part Time Job (1980)    
    Ku Qing Cao (1980)    
    Yi Ge Wen Ti Xue Sheng (1980)    
    The Roaming Monk (1980)    
    The Jade Hairpin Alliance (1980)    
    Lucky by Chance (1981)    
    Student Days (1981)    
    Wandering Prodigal (1981)    
    The Third Face (1981)    
    Virago (1981)    
    Woman of Colour (1981)    
    Golden Fists of a Duo (1981)    
    Fellow Students (1981)    
    The Modern Spy (1981)    
    The Gambler's Duel (1981)    
    The Graduation (1982)    
    Spoony Love (1982)    
    Liuliu Yexiaosheng (1982)    
    Seven Steps to Showdown (1982)    
    Lily Under the Muzzle (1982)    
    Underground Wife (1982)    
    Sister-in-law Zhan Dian Complains (1982)    
    The Crazy Monk (1982)    
    Girls' Reformatory (1982)    
    The Fool Life (1982)    
    Taipei Sweet Heart (1982)    
    I Want to Be a Good Person (1982)    
    Chui Niu Da Wang (1982)    
    Impossible Woman (1982)    
    My Son My Everything (1983)    
    Calamity of Snakes (1983)    
    Who Knows About Me (1983)    
    Women Are Tough (1983)    
    Elevator (1983)    
    Young Lady's Ups and Downs (1983)    
    Dai Zui De Nu Hai (1983)    
    Adorable Treasure Hunt (1983)    
    The Vampire Dominator (1984)    
    The Missing People (1987)    
  Production Manager (1 film)
    Fury of a Virgin (1982)    
  Chen Hongmin was sent to train in Japan with Toho and Toei film companies in 1963. At the time, he was working as an editor for Central Motion Picture Corporation, the government-sponsored company that specialized in Mandarin-language cinema. But, because Central had the best equipment and Taiwanese-language cinema was more popular at the time, many Taiwanese-language cinema producers sent their films to Central for post-production. Through editing these films, Chen became drawn into the world of Taiwanese-language cinema. After he came back from Japan, he began directing, and Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters was one of his early works. He complained about the lack of budget, explaining that without professional lighting he had been compelled to improvise on night shoots with the beams from car headlights. This ingenuity paid off, and he went on to direct over 25 more films, most of them martial arts cinema, including many made in Hong Kong after the eclipse of Taiwanese-language cinema. However, it is as an editor that he is best-known, with over 100 films to his credit.