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岑範  ♂
Cen Fan
Cen Fen,  Sam Fan,  Tsen Fan
Born: January 11th, 1926 (China) - Died: January 23rd, 2008

Filmography (1946-1993)
  Actor (16 films)
    Two Persons in Trouble, Unsympathetic to Each Other (1946)    
    You're Smart in One Way, I'm in Another (1947) ... General manager
    A Dream of Spring (1947) ... Lu Chao
    Female Robin Hood (1947) ... Inspector Chen
    Where Is My Darling? (1947)    
    The Dream of the Butterfly (1948)    
    Bloodshed in a Besieged Citadel (1948) ... Lin Shih
    Sorrows of the Forbidden City (1948)    
    Our Husband (1949) ... Chu Pin-Chen
    A Peasants' Tragedy (1949) ... Eldest young master Bai
    Twenty Four Hours of Marriage (1950)    
    The Fiery Phoenix (1951)    
    A Night-Time Wife (1951) ... Song Zhu-Tong
    A Bachelor Is Born (1952)    
    The Stormy Night (1952)    
    Marriage Affair (1953) ... Kung Wen Hai
  Director (8 films)
    The Opium War (1959)    
    Dream of the Red Chamber (1962)    
    Milky Way Lovers (1964)    
    Mistress Hsieng Lin (1978)    
    The True Story of Ah Q (1981)    
    From Place to Place (1984)    
    Two Spirits from Jade Green Sea (1986)    
    The Dream Is Not a Dream (1993)    
  Writer (2 films)
    Life and Death (1953)    
    Milky Way Lovers (1964)    
  Tsen Fen, in 1945 he joined a professional acting company and appeared in a wide variety of plays. Along with Zhu Shilin, he came to Hong Kong in 1946 where he studied film production under Zhu, and worked as an actor. He was Zhu's assistant director on "Sorrow of the forbidden cith" (1948). His first screenplay was "Life and death" (1953), directed by Zhu Shilin. He acted in "A bachelor is born" (1952) and "Marriage affair" (1953), both of which directed by Li Pingqian.

He returned to China in 1951 and worked for Beijing, August First, and Shanghai Film Studios. Many of Cen's films were opera films. In 1959 he co-directed "The opium war" with Zheng Junli. "The true story of Ah Q" (1981) was chosen for competition section in Cannes Film Festival. (Quoted from HKIFF 1983)