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李端嫻  ♀
Veronica Lee Tuan-Han
Veegay,  Veronica Lee Shui-Han

Filmography (1993-2020)
  Original Music (4 films)
    Ming Ming (2007)    
    The Midnight After (2014)    
    Napping Kid (2018)    
    Suk Suk (2020)    
  Film Score (1 film)
    Beautiful University (2012)    
  Music (9 films)
    Small Potato (1993)    
    I Wanna Be Your Man!!! (1994)    
    He Comes from Planet K (1997)    
    After the Crescent (1997)    
    Among the Stars (2000)    
    And Also the Eclipse (2004)    
    My Ex-Wife's Wedding (2010)    
    Diva (2012)    
    The Empty Hands (2017)    
  Theme Song Composer (1 film)
    The Lady Improper (2019)    
  Arranger (1 film)
    The Lady Improper (2019)    
  Graduated from the Music Department of the University of Hong Kong, receiving a diploma in sound engineering from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1993. After that she joined the Hong Kong Tanglou recording studio and became one of the few female sound engineers in Hong Kong. She became a full-time record producer and mixer in 1999 and is now a major member of the Hong Kong independent music label. (translated from Baidu Baike).