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愛殺 (1993)
Fatal Love
Alias: 惹火女郎
Origin: Hong Kong
Genres: Adult  Crime 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Chow Cheung
Martial Arts Director
  Chou Tai-Sheng
  Cheung Wing-Kit
  Chan Wing-Chi ... May Lin (before surgery)
  Otomo Rena ... Mr Wong's woman
  Yeung Man-Huen ... Kitty
  Siu Yuk-Lung (2)    
  Choi Dung-Yau    
  Chi Yuan    
  Lam Chak-Ming ... Tony Lee
  Chang Yuk-Lung    
  Tsai Hung ... Evan [uncredited]
  Chu Ben-Ke ... Mr Wong [uncredited]
  Chang Chung-Yu ... [Uncredited]
  Yung Shun-Hing ... [Uncredited]
  Li Kuan-Ting ... [Uncredited]
  Wang Shu-Chi ... [Uncredited]
  Leung Sam-Wing ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Hong Kong Daye Film Co., Ltd.
Script Supervisor
  Lin Man-Man
Director of Photography
  Li Shih-Chieh
  Lam Man-Long
  Chan Kwai-Fong
Production Manager
  Wing Yat-Faan
  Note : Not to be confused with the movie of the same name which stars Michael Wong and Ellen Chan. May Lin mourns her husband, who was killed by gangsters after she and he had an argument about money. May swears revenge, then has plastic surgery, afterward assuming a new identity as Donna, a nightclub dancer and stripper.