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新七擒七縱七色狼 (1994)
Seven Sexual Maniacs
Alias: New Lucky Seven
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Law Kei
  Joe Wong Kong-Keung
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Green dressing gown
  Chun Hung (2) ... Jewel thief
  Stuart Ong    
  Edith Au Ngoi-Ling    
  Hung Fung ... Drunk
  Lee Chung-Ling    
  Jack Wong Wai-Leung (2) ... Blue pyjamas
  Steven Poon Tak-Chuen ... Gay boy
  Wan Yin-Hung ... Red Shirt [cameo]
  Hon Kwok-Choi ... Blue safari suit
  Wong Wan-Choi ... Detective Wong
  Fan Oi-Kit ... Blind wife
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Jeweller [cameo]
  Poon Chi-Sam ... Policeman
  Lee Yat-Chuen ... Policeman
Production Company
  World Perfect Production Co., Ltd.
  喜而雅電影有限公司 (Hong Kong)
Director of Photography
  Venus Keung Kwok-Man
Hair Stylist
  Andy (2)
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
Production Manager
  Cheng Wai-Leung
Associate Production Manager
  Fok Siu-Ming   Poon Chi-Sam
  No subs. A busty jewel thief hides from the police, and the men in the house (yes, there's seven of them, including a gay guy) compete to see who can seduce her.