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新冷血十三鷹 (1993)
The 13 Cold-Blooded Eagles
Alias: The Thirteen Cold Blooded Eagles
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Martial Arts  Fantasy 
  Chui Fat
  Yu Yee
Action Director
  Chui Fat's Stuntman's Association
  Chui Fat
  Waise Lee Chi-Hung ... Shima Yufeng (Red Eagle)
  Cynthia Khan ... Quihua
  Yen Shi-Kwan ... Foster Father
  Chung Fat ... Shinshu monster
  Wan Seung-Lam ... White Eagle
  Lau Ji-Wai ... Yinmin
  Anthony Cho Cheuk-Nin ... Gold Eagle
  Tin Ching    
  Ng Ting-Ko ... Black Eagle
  Wan Seung-Lam ... Copper Eagle
Production Company
  Cheung Yau Production Co.
Assistant Director
  File Ip Kwok-Wing
  Philip Ma Kam-Cheung
Costume Designer
  Ruby Ko Pui-Yee
  Cheng Keung   Cheng Ka-Hung
  Law Kwok-Kuen
  Wong Yau-Ning
Martial Arts Directors
  Wong Wai-Fong   Tong Pau-Chung
  Pong Shing-Chiu   Chan Fai (3)   Chiu Wan-Chu
  Wu Bao-Lin   Ng Hung-Chi
Chief Production Manager
  Wu Bao-Lin
Production Manager
  Chui Chuen-Ming   Chiu Wan-Chu   Ng Ting-Fung (2)
F/X Designer
  Wan Seung-Lam   Sham Chin-Bo
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Same storyline as Tiger Cage, but set in historical times. The Eagles are a group of orphans raised as killers, whose job is to liquidate baddies .. or so they are lead to believe. Disharmony begins among the Eagles when they are ordered to kill Shinshu Monster, an ex-colleague of their loud-laughing leader, whom they call Foster Father. Before dying, Shinshu sows the seeds of doubt with the Eagle Yingming who, nearly dead, is nursed back to health by Quihua. Quihua's ill father is another of the Foster Father 's ex-colleagues, and is the holder of the Star Bleed Skill scroll, which the Eagle's leader covets above all else.