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迴轉壽屍 (1997)
Midnight Zone
Alias: 3 Stories - Headless Soul, Hit & Run, Midnight Dinner
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Ghost 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/12/1997 - 05/10/1997
Box Office: HK $5,597,414
  Wilson Yip Wai-Shun
  Wilson Yip Wai-Shun
  Philip Kwok Wai-Chung
  Chung Wai-Hung
  John Chong Ching
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ... A Shing
  Liz Kong Hei-Man ... A Mei
  Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong ... A Yan
  Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung ... A Fung
  Kingdom Yuen King-Tan ... A Qiao
  Helena Law Lan ... Shing's mother
  Joey Leung Wing-Chung ... A Kam
  Spencer Lam Seung-Yi ... Uncle Seven
  Kim Yip Kwong-Kim ... Policeman
  Chiu Yue-Ming ... Inspector
  Chan Chiu-Ming (2) ... Policewoman
  Lee Kin-Yan ... Street Hawker
  Tsang Yin ... Fong
  Wilson Yip Wai-Shun ... Shun
  Wong Wai-Nam ... Bobby
  Maggie Wong Mei-Kei ... Pearl
  Chang Kin-Ming ... Hotel manager
  Winston Yep King-Man ... Bank manager
  Hau Woon-Ling ... Bank customer
  Ng Ka-Fai ... Bank customer
  Well Chin Wing-Wai ... Shing's colleague
  Simon Cheung Yuk-San ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (1) ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
Production Company
  Media Asia Films (Partners I)
Filming Company
  Media Asia Film Company Limited
  Media Asia Film Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Well Chin Wing-Wai   Kwok Man-Ki   Steve Cheng Wai-Man
Script Supervisor
  Steve Cheng Wai-Man
Director of Photography
  Joe Chan Kwong-Hung
Focus Puller
  Patrick Lee Tin-Wai
  Coffee Hui Tak-Cheung
Art Director
  Stanley Cheung Sai-Kit
  Yiu Wai-Ming
  Poon Man-Wah
Hair Stylist
  Samuel Wong Kwok-Hung
  Kam Ma
Props Master
  Tam Wai-Ming
Sound Mixer
  Anthony Kwok Kin-Chuen
Boom Operator
  Sunny Luk Kim-Ching
Original Music
  Tommy Wai Kai-Leung
Music Editor
  Cub Chin Kong-Hon
  John Chong Ching   Ma Fung-Kwok
Administrative Planner
  Thomas Leung Wan-Kit
  Chung Wai-Hung
Production Manager
  Pang Yuk-Lam
Assistant Production Manager
  Dennis Chan Yiu-Wah
Unit Manager
  Kan Kwok-On
Production Accountant
  Edmond Poon Pui-Man
Still Photographer
  Tang Chak-Shun
Tea Lady
  Poon An-Ying
Recording Studio
  True Technic Limited
  Kwong Wai-Hung
  Toplight Engineering Limited
Film Stock
  Kodak (Far East) Limited
  Cine Art Laboratory Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  This film is put together with 3 city ghost stories that occurred after midnight. The first story describes a loud mouth slacker cop encounters after being ordered to guard a murder scene alone. The second has a couple accidentally hit someone while driving but could not find the victim's body. The third is about a bad son who is afraid his late mother would return for revenge, so he would rather spend nights playing mah jong with friends and wouldn't dare to go home, unfortunately things in this world have a way to go the opposite way...... [Next Magazine]