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素女經之挑情寶鑑 (1992)
The Story of Lady Sue
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Cathay 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (Taipei): 01/24/1992
Theatrical Run (HK): 05/08/1992 - 05/27/1992
Box Office: HK $1,832,770
  Lam Yi-Hung
  Yen Chung
Martial Arts Director
  Hsieh Wan-Yi
  Che Yue-Wa
  Maria Tung Ling ... Fan / Fung
  Tan Lap-Man ... Ying Feng / Fung
  Lam Wai ... Li Quan/Black Religion leader
  Chui Seung-Ha    
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Fairy
  Yue Yuk-Ping    
  Pai Yu-Chen    
  Huang Cheng-Lin ... Man pecked by chicken [cameo]
  Siu Yam-Yam ... Mrs Fairy
  Foo Wai-Kei    
  Wu Min    
  Chen Hsiang ... Yin Tin Hao's helper
  Hung Kai-Chuen    
  Wong Sai-Goon ... Yin Tin-Hao
  Hong Chian-Yong ... Servant
  Li Kuan-Ting ... Rascal
  Chang Chung-Yu ... Rascal
  Chan Yue-Ching ... Rascal
  Chim Fook-Hing ... Rascal
Production Company
  Mascot International
  Hung Miu-Sau
  Yu Kai-Sau
Best Boy
  Chang Wan-Yue
Art Director
  David Lo Kin-Ming
  Liu Chi-Yu   Lau Yuk-Lan
  Yang Shu-Chen
  Chow Tak-Yeung   Mui Tung-Lit
  Lam Siu-Shing
  Polly Kiu Yuk-Ting
Senior Producer
  Chin Chang-Liang   Wong Tai-Hing
  Wong Lai-Guen
Production Manager
  Chim Fook-Hing
Recording Studio
  108 Records Ltd., Co.
  Zhou Chin
  Universal Laboratory Limited
  Norman Production
  Misleading title. There is no character in this film called Lady Sue, nor any name even remotely similar. Young master Ying Feng is kicked out of home by his father, a master of mystical magic cures, because the "leader of black religion" is out to kill his entire family. Honest and stout-hearted, Ying Feng punches three guys who want to screw pretty dancer Miss Fan. Fan gets sweet on Feng and he agrees to let her stay with him. The Fairy comes to town, touting his magic powers to cure the sick for anyone who'll pay his exorbitant fee. Ying Feng has some of the same talent, and cures a sick woman with no money and for no payment, thereby shaming The Fairy into both taking him on as a disciple and agreeing to charge less. Li Quan, the "leader of black religion", has not given up trying to find Ying Feng, but his search is greatly slowed down by his assistants being far more interested in screwing each other silly than revenge. Note - Both of the lead characters are actually called "Fung" in Cantonese, so I have used the Mandarin forms of their names, to distinguish them.