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戀戀風塵 (1986)
Dust in the Wind
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Drama 
Theatrical Run (HK): 10/15/1987 - 11/12/1987
Box Office: HK $390,744
  Hou Hsiao-Hsien
  Wu Nien-Jen
  Chu Tien-Wen
  Hsu Hsin-Chih
  Hsin Shu-Fen ... Kang So-Huen
  Wong Jing-Man ... Hsieh Wen-Yuan
  Li Tian-Lu ... Yuan's grandfather
  Grace Chen Shu-Fang    
  Lin Yang (2)    
  Mei Fang ... Ching
  So Yun-Ling    
  Wong Shing-Fong    
  Yeh Wu-Tung    
  Lau Hoi    
  Cheung Fuk-Yam    
  Yang Li-Yin ... Ying
  Si Ming-Yeung    
  Lai Te-Nan ... Shopkeeper
  Lee Wun-Yee    
  Wong Dik-Man    
  Lam Chun-Yu    
  Wong Chung    
  Lam Kui    
  Hu Hsiang-Ping    
  Wu Pin-Nan ... Yuan's father
  Nan Chun    
  Danny Deng An-Ning    
  Liu Tien-Jun    
  Lin Hsiu-Ling    
  Lin Li-Hui    
  Yen Pi-Yun    
  Yen Cheng-Te    
  Cheung Ning    
  Luo Cheng-Ye    
  Lawrence Ko Yu-Luen ... Mrs Lin's son
  Lin Chia-Hui    
  Kung Fan-Teng    
  Kung Fan-Hui    
  Chen Hui-Lung    
  Chen Hsiao-Hui    
  Huang Chih-Cheng    
  Huang Chih-Chien    
  Huang Huilan    
  Chiu Yu-Liang    
Production Company
  Central Motion Picture Corporation
  Central Motion Picture Corporation (Taiwan)
Assistant Director
  Lau Chia-Hua
Script Supervisor
  Angelika Wang Geng-Yu
  Mark Lee Ping-Bing
  Lau Yee-Hung
Art Director
  Lau Jan-Cheung
Costume Designer
  Chu Ching-Man
  Tsui Ching-Ming
Hair Stylist
  Hui Suk-Yung
  Liu Ying-Chung
  Wong Wan-Ming   Lau Chong-Ming
Sound Recordist
  Chin Chian-Sheng   Yang Ching-An
  Chan Ming-Cheung
  Lam Dang-Fei
  Janey Chiu Kei-Ban
Production Manager
  Chang Hwa-Kun   Hsu Kuo-Liang   Lee Hin-Cheung
Filming Location
  A young couple who move to the big city, the search for orientation in the grown-up world and frequent returns to the familiar terrain of childhood are at the centre of this film. At first life in Taipei seems to offer the promise of modest contentment for the couple, which finds work and lodgings in the back room of a cinema, where there are also pleasant get-togethers with people of their own age. Wan and Huen live together in silent agreement until he is called up for military service and she marries another man in his absence. In a brilliantly casual and laconic tone and yet with great sensitivity, this film tells of life's major and minor upheavals. (Berlin Film Festival)