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平安夜 (1985)
Night Caller
Alias: 直冒冷汗
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Crime 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/17/1985 - 05/03/1985
Box Office: HK $4,772,600
  Phillip Chan Yan-Kin
  Phillip Chan Yan-Kin
Martial Arts Director
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai
  John Shum Kin-Fun
  Melvin Wong Gam-San ... Inspector James Wong
  Phillip Chan Yan-Kin ... Inspector Steve Chan
  Pat Ha Man-Jik ... Siu Lok / Porky
  Pauline Wong Siu-Fung ... Bobbie
  Terry Hu Yin-Meng ... Jessica
  Lee Pui-Wai ... [Intro]
  Deborah Sims ... Kiki [intro]
  Stuart Ong ... Model agent / Ho Tak
  Dick Wei ... Alan Lee [cameo]
  Teddy Yip Wing-Cho ... TV producer [cameo]
  Tina Lau Tin-Lan    
  Lawrence Yu Kam-Kei    
  Si-Ma Yin (2)    
  Chan Chou-Yan    
  Angela Leung On-Kei    
  Chan Chou-Yi    
  John Chan Koon-Chung ... TV Presenter [cameo]
  Mai Kei ... Mickey
  Liu Fung-Yeng    
  Wai Lit ... Policeman
  Yung Yin-Fan    
  Ng Hoi-Tin ... Superintendent Pang
  Wong Ka-Kui    
  Sunny Lam San-Kuen    
  Lam Tit-Ching    
  Cheng Yiu-Chung    
  Lee Chuen-Sing    
  Law Lun    
  Lau Wai-Kuen    
  Ng Leung    
  Simon Yip Fai-Wong    
  Ho Chi-Moon    
  Terence Yung Chi-Chung    
  Yau Wai-Fan    
  Wong Siu-Ming (3)    
  Wong Cheung (6)    
  Cheng Ka-Sang    
  Wan Seung-Yin    
  Colette Koo Ka-Ling    
  Sam Ling-Yi    
  Hon Kong (2)    
  Leung Hung (2)    
  Ling Hon ... Police officer
  Fong Keung    
  Ken Boyle ... [Uncredited]
Production Company
  Pyramid Films
  D & B Film Distribution (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Sunny Lam San-Kuen
2nd Unit Assistant Director
  Ng Min-Kan
Script Supervisor
  Alan Lo Shun-Chuen
Production Consultant
  Peter Yung Wai-Chuen
Photography Consultant
  Lo Tat-Si
  David Choi Wa-Sing
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  Ricky Lau Koon-Wai
  Zhang Guo-Hua
Art Director
  Luk Suk-Yuen
Assistant Art Director
  Lau Yau-Kuen   Cheng Yiu-Chung
  Ho Deng-Ngo
  Lee Mei-Bik
Hair Designer
  Headquarter Hair Salon
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
Editor's Assistant
  Keung Chuen-Tak   Sek Chi-Kong
  Lee Wai-Kuen
  Lee Kam-Yan
  Romeo Diaz
Music Editor
  Sherman Chow Gam-Cheung
  Phillip Chan Yan-Kin
Assistant Martial Arts Director
  Chan Chuen
Car Stunts Director
  Chiu Jun-Chiu
  Melvin Wong Gam-San
Production Manager
  Simon Yip Fai-Wong
Associate Production Manager
  Lai Ting-Lok
Unit Manager
  Law Lun
Set Runner
  Wong Chun-San
Still Photographer
  Yuen Chi-Keung
Recording Studio
  Golden Studios Ltd.   光藝錄音室   Hung Si Recording Studio
Re-Recording Mixer
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Ng Kwok-Wah
  Ding Yue
  Union Film Laboratory, Limited
  International Subtitle Company
English Subtitles
  Lau Tin-Kwan
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Re-released on 1986.1.6 by D & B Film Distribution. A woman is brutally slashed and murdered, clearly by someone she knows well, while her young daughter watches. The investigation is mainly carried out by two CID men and a woman in a green cap. They interview the head of a modelling agency, but he is soon killed too, in a manner which rudely interrupts a televised beauty contest. The murdered is discovered to be on the agency's books, and is an evil twisted lesbian who likes taking green mud baths. She and her even crazier buddy (who plays at being a black-faced version of Travis from Taxi Driver)capture and play with one of the detectives, and the chase is on to rescue him before the play gets too rough ........