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A計劃 (1983)
Project A
Origin: Hong Kong
Genres: Martial Arts  Action  Comedy 
Theatrical Run (HK): 12/22/1983 - 01/11/1984
Box Office: HK $19,323,824
  Jackie Chan
  Jackie Chan
  Edward Tang Ging-Sang
Martial Arts Directors
  Jackie Chan's Stuntmen Association
  Jackie Chan
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Danny Chow Yun-Kin
  Paul Wong Kwan
  Benny Lai Keung-Kuen
  Wan Fat
  Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Jackie Chan ... Sergeant Dragon Ma Yue Lung
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo ... Cheuk Yat Fei
  Yuen Biao ... Insp Hong Tin Chi
  Wong Man-Ying ... Winnie Chik
  Dick Wei ... Pirate Chief Lo San Po
  Tai Bo ... Tai Bo
  Mars ... Big Mouth
  Kwan Hoi-San ... Captain Chik
  Lau Hak-Suen ... Lieutenant Shih
  Wong Wai (2) ... Chou Wing Ling
  Lee Hoi-Sang ... Li Chou Kou
  Hon Yee-Sang ... Chiang
  John Cheung Ng-Long ... Ling's thug
  Wan Fat ... Ling's thug
  Wu Ma ... Mahjong cheat
  Fung Ging-Man ... Mahjong cheat
  Law Ho-Kai ... VIP Club Manager
  To Siu-Ming ... Waiter
  Tong Kam-Tong ... Boatman
  Best Kwon Yeong-Moon ... Pirate
  Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan ... Policeman
  Benny Lai Keung-Kuen ... Policeman
  Paul Wong Kwan ... Policeman /Man with ladder in alley
  Lily Ng Lai-Chu ... Chu, Coast Guard's girlfriend
  Man Kit-Wan ... Policeman's girlfriend
  Sek Gwai-Chai    
  Lola Forner ... British Rear-Admiral's daughter
  Yiu Man-Kei (2) ... Ling's thug
  Wong Kim-Bun ... Ling's thug
  Steve Mak Fei-Hung ... Ling's thug
  Wong Siu-Ming (3) ... Ling's thug
  Choi Hin-Cheung ... Ling's thug
  Danny Chow Yun-Kin ... Ling's thug
  Chu Tau ... Ling's thug
  Chan Leung (3) ... Ling's thug
  Johnny Cheung Wa ... Ling's thug
  Lee Fat-Yuen ... Ling's thug
  Yuen Shing-Chau ... Coast Guard
  Chang Seng-Kwong ... Coast Guard Sha Pi Gou
  Ha Kwok-Wing ... Coast Guard
  Siu Yuk-Lung ... Coast Guard
  Tong Pau-Chung ... Coast Guard
  Chan Chi-Fai ... Coast Guard/Pirate
  Lau Fong-Sai ... Coast Guard /Policeman
  To Wai-Wo ... Policeman
  Chin Ka-Lok ... Policeman / Pirate
  Yue Tau-Wan ... Policeman
  Chan Ling-Wai ... Policeman
  Wong Kwan-Hong ... Policeman
  Ng Kit-Keung ... Policeman
  Hung San-Nam ... Policeman
  Chris Lee Kin-Sang ... Pirate
  Ng Min-Kan ... Pirate
  Lam Foo-Wai ... Pirate
  Wan Seung-Lam ... Mahjong player/Ling's thug
  Hoh Wan ... Mahjong player
  Leung Seung-Wan ... Mahjong player
  Fung Ming ... Mahjong player
  Law Kei ... Man outside the Clock Tower
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... Shipping boss at meeting
  Lam Yuen ... Shipping boss at meeting
  Unknown SB-Actor (18) ... Shipping boss at meeting
  Man Ngai-Tik ... Mahjong cheat
  Hsiao Yu ... Policeman
  Ng Kwok-Kai ... Ling's thug
  Suen Chi-Wai ... Coast guard
  Tam Chuen-Hing ... Colonel Mei's adjutant
  Chuen Yan ... Pirate
  Wynn Lau Chun-Fai ... Ling's thug
  Sa Au ... Ling's thug
  Lai Sau-Kit ... Ling's thug
  Tam Wing-Git ... Policeman
  Unknown Stuntman (23) ... Policeman/Ling's thug
  Frankie Poon Bin-Chung ... Extra
  Lo Wai ... Pirate
Production Company
  Paragon Films Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Second Assistant Director
  Jo Chan Wai-Yee
Assistant Director
  Chiu Lo-Kong   Edward Tang Ging-Sang
Script Supervisor
  Jo Chan Wai-Yee
  Cheung Yiu-Cho
Focus Puller
  Stephen Poon Tak-Yip   Lai Yiu-Fai
  Huang Wei-Shing
  Poon Yuen-Woh   Chim Fook-Sing   So Luk-Yin
  Chu Sheng-Shi
  Simon Chan Kwok-Hong
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
  Wong Shun-Chang
  Chin Sam   Mai Ho
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin
  Jackie Chan
  James Wong Jim
  Raymond Chow Man-Wai
  Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung
Film Coordinator
  Ting Shan-Hsi
Production Manager
  Jessica Chan Pui-Wah
Associate Production Manager
  Woo Po-Chiu   Mao Lu (2)
Unit Manager
  Kam Wah
Still Photographer
  Chan Yuk (2)
  Ng Kwok-Wah
  Ding Yue
  It is Hong Kong at the turn of the century. Jackie's detachment of Marine Police have made a dismal mess of trying to capture the most notorious pirates that infest the China Sea. Little do they know there is a traitor in their midst. A rivalry develops between Jackie's group and the Land Police over this mission, culminating in the most spectacular bar room brawl ever filmed. Eventually the two rival groups talents of Jackie Chan with those of Samo Hung and Yuen Biao, and has made box-office history wherever it has played. [Rim Films Catalog] In a swash-buckling tale of the South China Sea, Jackie Chan plays a marine policeman who takes to the waves to combat a vicious pirate chief. He's both aided and hindered by Sammo Hung, as an amiable common, and Yuen, Biao, as a stiffly starched local lawman. The fights, stunts and sight gags fly fast and furious in this Hong Kong action comedy classic. -MegaStar DVD