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郎歸晚 (1947)
Never Too Late to Come Home
Alias: My Love Comes too Late
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Drama 
Release Date (HK): 01/20/1947
  Wong Toi
  Ng Gei-Man
  Ng Cho-Fan    
  Pak Yin    
  Siu Tit-Hung    
  Wu Mei-Lun    
  Wa Choi-Fung    
  Ko Lo-Chuen    
  Mok Fung    
  Chan Yau-Hau (2)    
  Baau Lok-Foo    
  Chow Chi-Sing    
Production Companies
  Huanan Film Studio
  New York Lirong Film Company
Filming Company
  World Wide Motion Picture Studio
  New York Lirong Film Company (Hong Kong)
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  This was the first Cantonese movie to be produced after the war. The film industry in the whole South China region put great store by the film and arranged for the film to be shown in New York. This was a co-production between New York's Lirong Company (managed under the auspices of the producer Lee Sin-tong) and Hong Kong's World Wide Motion Picture Studio. (HKFA)