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仙女下凡 (1972)
The Human Goddess
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Fantasy  Comedy 
Release Date (HK): 03/10/1972
  Ho Meng-Hua
  Ho Meng-Hua
  Sir Run Run Shaw
  Li Ching ... Seventh Sister
  Chin Feng ... Dong Zi Li
  Pang Pang ... Uncle Bull
  Lee Pang-Fei ... Chairman Xu Cai Fa
  Pai Lu ... Laura
  Chao Hsiung ... Wan Si Tong
  Sun Lan ... Tong Tian Xiao
  Dean Shek Tin ... Playboy #1
  Hoh Ban ... Doctor
  Ng Wai (2) ... Socialite at Laura's party
  Lui Hung ... Socialite at Laura's party
  Wang Dan ... Socialite at Laura's party
  Wong Ching-Wan ... First Sister
  Fu Yen ... Second Sister
  Mui Yung ... Third Sister
  Lu Hua ... Fourth Sister
  Ha Wai (2) ... Fifth Sister
  Kuo Hui ... Sixth Sister
  Tsang Choh-Lam ... Zeng, fake policeman
  Chu Yau-Ko ... Fake policeman
  Hao Li-Jen ... Bidder for orphanage land
  Lok Gung ... Bidder for orphanage land
  Cheung Sek-Aau ... Supporter of Li at auction
  Gam Tin-Chue ... Bidder at auction
  Lan Wei-Lieh ... Nightclub magician
  Siu Gam ... Tall man at nightclub
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Nightclub customer
  Tam Ying ... Nightclub customer
  Mama Hung ... Nightclub customer
  Fong Yuen ... Old man at disco
  Lam Siu ... Wang, drunkard outside bar
  Goo Chim-Hung ... Drunkard outside bar
  Wong Kung-Miu ... Buns hawker
  Chu Gam ... Mental hospital guard
  Tony Lee Wan-Miu ... Fa's thug
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... Party guest
  Ling Hon ... Party guest
  Hung Ling-Ling ... Party guest
  Kwan Yan ... Party guest
  Lam Yuen ... Party guest
  To Wing-Leung ... Party guest
  Lau Chun ... Party guest
  Cheung Siu-Lun ... Party guest
  Lam Wah ... Party guest
  Fuk Yan-Cheng ... Auctioner
  Unknown SB-Actor (24) ... Party guest
  Woo Ping ... Party guest
  Unknown SB-Actor (42) ... Party guest
  Unknown SB-Actor (50) ... Bidder at auction
  Got Ping ... Maid
  Man Lei    
  Wong Yuet-Ting    
  Yue Man-Wah    
  Unknown SB-Actor (46)    
  Mang Hoi    
  Someno Yukio    
  Mau Kin-Tak ... Orphan
  Lam Liu-Ngok    
Production Company
  Shaw Brothers
Filming Company
  Shaw Brothers
  Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Ip Sam
  Cho Wai-Kei
  Fong Yuen
  Chiang Hsing-Lung
  Johnson Tsao Chuang-Sheng
Sound Recordist
  Wang Yong-Hua
  Frankie Chan Fan-Kei
  Hsu I
  Ying Wei
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Note: While local Mandarin films were experiencing a local box office slump during a brief period in the early 70s, former Shaw director-cum-production manager Yuan Chiu Feng reportedly announced in a Taipei press conference that 'The Human Goddess' was to be the first Mandarin language feature to be sent over to the United States for the patented single strip 70mm Cinerama formatting to tailor it for local D-150 exhibition at Shaw Brother's own Cinerama equipped Pearl Theatre in Hong Kong. Run Run Shaw urged director Ho Meng Hua to develop a Human Goddess sequel ala Human Goddess Second Volume that was slated to go before cameras with the same principals reprising their roles but the populist but progressive minded journeyman that Ho was, realized he would not be able to resurrect the magic again by merging antiquated out-of-fashion period costume themes ala Three Smiles or his own Cave of the Silken Web with the modern contemporary situation fantasy comedy scenarios ala Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie made popular on American TV during the 60s. The idea for a sequel was shelved.