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θΎε•žεŠ (1971)
Deaf and Mute Heroine
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 02/18/1971
  Wu Ma
  Ma Lit
Martial Arts Directors
  Simon Chui Yee-Ngau
  Chui Chung-Hok
  Wong To (3)
  Helen Ma Hoi-Lun ... The Heroine
  Tang Ching ... Cloth-dyer
  Shirley Wong Sa-Lee ... Mistress Liu
  Wu Ma ... Mistress Liu's guard
  Li Ying (8)    
  Wei Ping-Ao    
  Yeung Wai ... Scar-face bandit
  Tang Ti    
  Hao Li-Jen    
  Chin Yuet-Sang ... Waiter [extra]
  Chui Chung-Hok ... Bandit [extra]
  Wong Chi-Ming ... [Extra]
  Man Man (2) ... [Extra]
  Joe Cheung Tung-Cho ... [Extra]
  Unknown SB-Actor (24) ... [Extra]
  Goo Chim-Hung ... [Extra]
  Sa Au ... [Extra]
  Chin Chun ... [Extra]
  Tsang Choh-Lam ... [Extra]
  Chow Siu-Loi ... [Extra]
  James Tin Chuen ... [Extra]
  Corey Yuen Kwai ... [Extra]
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... [Extra]
  Yeung Sai-Gwan ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Ming Xing Film Company
Assistant Director
  Chu Yat-Hung
Script Supervisor
  Tong Yuen (2)   Hsu Ke-Chang
  Hua Shan
  Ma Koon-Wah
  Yip Yat-Ming
Hair Stylist
  Kwan Sou
  Kwok Hung
  Chow Leung (2)
Production Manager
  Wong Kwong-Ming   Chow Sau-Hing
Credits Designer
  Woo Shu-Yue
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  The Deaf-Mute Heroine steals some pearls, for reasons that are never disclosed, and a whole lot of people want to get them from her, or generally eliminate her. The problem (for them) is her superlative sword skills, hindered not at all by her handicaps. Romance blossoms with a kind but naive cloth-dyer, but it is not a good time to be romancing this heroine.

The Deaf and Mute Heroine" is known for its cult reputation built on moody decoupage, beautifully choreographed action and the title character's enigmatic presence. Helen Ma creates among the most memorable of martial arts women in this story of honour and revenge, helped in no small way by her nemesis, an equally brooding, enigmatic beauty played by sex kitten Shirley Huang. (HKFA press release)