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苦兒流浪記 (1960)
Nobody's Child
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Drama 
Release Date (HK): 02/18/1960
  Bu Wan-Cang
  Wu Tie-Yi
  Josephine Siao Fong-Fong ... Xiaomei
  Chen Yan-Yan ... Adopted mother
  Lo Wei ... Birth father
  Wang Yin ... Wei Lanting
  Butterfly Wu ... Cabinet Minister Gan
  Wu Zheng-Yuan    
  Hoh Ban    
  Lin Jing    
  Lee Ying (5)    
  Chu Shao-Chuen ... Doctor
  Kwan Yan    
  Yeung Yee-Muk    
  Lai Man    
  Erh Chun    
  Yam Ho    
  Man Lei    
  Gam Tin-Chue    
  Lan Wei-Lieh    
  Liu Kei    
  Ko Choi-Fong    
  Lau Yan-Kit    
Production Company
  Gwok Fung
Assistant Director
  Lee Hung (7)
  Tong Zhen   Kuribayashi Minoru
Costume Designer
  Wang Zhiliang
  Lau Chi-Chung
  Fong Yuen
Hair Dressing
  Peng Yen-Lien
  Sung Ming
  Leung Hoi-Shan
Sound Recordist
  Lau Wang-Yuen
  Lau Wang-Yuen
Production Manager
  Chu Hsu-Hua
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  The story kicks off with Siao living with a loving mother and, as the plot progresses, she soon finds out that she was left unattended on the streets during wartime and picked up by her mother. She is later sold by her father to a street performer (played by Wang Yin) and becomes determined to look for her birth parents. Partly shot in snowy Hokkaido, the interpretation of the oft-adapted tale by director Bu Wancang emphasised the orphan girl's strong will to survive her hardships. Siao, at just 11 years old, managed to hold her own as the girl and the result made her a household name. A scene with Siao, a monkey, a dog and Wang became one of the most sentimental parts of the film. Also featuring outstanding performances by Chen Yan-yan and Butterfly Wu, "Nobody's Child" was one of the most popular films of its time. (HK press release)