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精武風雲 (1996)
Fist of Legend 2: Iron Bodyguards
Alternate name: Fists of Legends II: Iron Bodyguards
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: English 
Genres: Martial Arts  Action 
  Robert Tai Chi-Hsien
  Chan Tung-Man
  George Tan
Action Directors
  Alexander Lo Rei
  Robert Tai Chi-Hsien
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Toby Russell
  George Tan
  Tso Shiao-Hu ... Chen Zhen
  Todd Senofonte ... Letov
  Lu Feng (1) ... Letov's Escort
  Larry Lee Gam-Kwan ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  James Nam Gung-Fan ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Chui Kei-Wai    
  Robert Tai Chi-Hsien ... Brother Tai
  Tien Feng ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Ingrid Hu Yin-Yin ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Tang Ching (1) ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Chu Tit-Wo ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Lee Wan-Chung ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Fang Mian ... [THE BODYGUARD footage]
  Cheung Kwok-Keung (2) ... Ninja/Student/Rascal
  Choi Kwok-Chau ... Ninja/Student
Assistant Director
  Alexander Lo Rei   Toby Russell   Cheung Kwok-Keung (2)
Stunt Double
  Cheung Kwok-Keung (2)
  Dr. Sun leads a movement to free China from its Japanese occupation. While on a tour of China he is constantly assaulted by assassins hired by the Man Chu leaders. The Chun Do school of martial arts is tasked to safeguard Dr. Sun's passage. Meanwhile, Chen Zhen is challenged by a Russian fighter but not as a means to kill him, but to learn the aspects of Chinese kung fu.