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第36個故事 (2010)
Taipei Exchanges
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Release Date (HK): 05/14/2010
  Hsiao Ya-Chuan
  Hsiao Ya-Chuan
  Hou Hsiao-Hsien
  Kwai Lun-Mei ... Doris
  Zaizai Lin Chen-Xi ... Joy (Josie)
  Chang Han ... Chun-Ching (Chou)
  Atari Kousuke ... Japanese customer
Production Company
  Atom Film
  Lin Tse-Chung
Art Director
  Lee Tung-Kang
Sound Recordist
  Tu Duu-Chih   Kuo Li-Chi
  Chris Hou Chih-Chien   Summer Lei Kuang-Hsia
Production Manager
  Hsiao Jui-Lan
  Doris Coffee Shop was built from scratch by the film crew in an old apartment on Taipeis tree-lined Fujin Street , an area that is home to an assortment of interesting boutiques and other shops. It became a real coffee shop after the shooting of the film, and it wouldnt be much of a surprise if this stylish cafe becomes a popular tourist attraction after Taipei Exchanges hits theaters across the country. (Taipei Times)