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王哥柳哥遊台灣(上集) (1958)
Brother Wang and Brother Liu Tour Taiwan
Alias: Brother Wang and Brother Liu Tour Taiwan (Part 1)
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genres: Comedy  Drama 
Release Date (Taiwan): 02/07/1959
  Lee Hsing
  Chang Fang-Hsia
  Tien Feng
  Mu-Jung Chong
  Lai Kuo-Tsai
  Li Kuan-Chang ... Brother Wang
  Ai Chai-Choi ... Brother Liu
  Ke Yu-Hsia ... Ah Hua
  Lin Lin ... Tribe Princess
  Hu Tou ... Fortune-teller
  Yu Hsing-Tien ... Bandit
  Wang Sun ... restaurant visitor
  Fai Wan    
  Lin Bing    
  Wang Lian-Fang    
  Ri Yue-Tan    
  Mao Wang-Ye    
  Zhang Da-Gong    
  Da Gong-Zhu    
  San Gong-Zhu    
  Bai Mu-Dan    
  Hong Mu-Dan    
Production Company
  Tai Lien Film Co., Ltd.
  Tai Lien Film Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  Chen Chung-Hsin
  Chen Chung-Yi
  Lee Hsing   Shen Yeh-Kang
Sound Recordist
  Lin Kun-Chi
  Zhou Lanping   Tseng Chung-Ying
Production Manager
  Yang Tsu-Kuang
Unit Manager
  Wang Lian-Fang
Filming Location
  Tubby shoeshine man Brother Wang (Li Kuan-Chang) shares a room with his best friend, rickshaw driver Brother Liu (Ai Chai-Choi). A fortune teller predicts Wang will strike it rich in three days, but Liu will die in 44 days. When Wang wins the lottery three days later, their celebrations turn sour when they remember the other half of the prediction. Wang decides his buddy should have the trip of a lifetime before he dies, and they set off around their beautiful homeland, the island of Taiwan. The naive working-class men experience a lifestyle of luxury for the first time and fall into many a muddle. Eventually, they return to Taipei, where Liu prepares to spend his final moments with his girlfriend, A-hua (Ke Yu-Xia). Second, Brother Wang and Brother Liu also launched at least seven sequels over the next few years. All starred Li Kuan-Chang and Ai Chai-Choi, who rapidly became household names. Most were made by the same team. In the process Taiwanese-language cinema's first movie franchise was born.