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湮沒的青春 (1994)
Neglected Youth
Alias: Youth in Silence
Alias: Drowning
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Drama 
  Hu Xue-Yang
  Xu Zheng-Qing
  Fong Ka-Chun
  Kelvin Keung Ka-Man
  Ginger Tong So-So
  Hu Xue-Yang ... Luo Xiao Xu / Tony
  Sharen Gaowa ... Mrs Ou
  Yang Ming (2) ... Xu's cousin
  Yu Luo-Sheng ... Ou Jia Sheng
  Tan Tian ... Mr Tao
  Yang Xiao-Wen ... Ah Qing
  Chen Xiao-Wen    
Executive Director
  Hu Xue-Yang
Assistant Director
  Tan Wei-Hong
  Hua Qing
  Lau Kwok-Wah
Art Director
  Shen Li-De
Costume Designer
  Zhao Bao-Di
  Zhu Pei-Zhen
  Zhu Pei-Pei
  Shen Chun-Ming
Sound Recordist
  Su Juan-Jie
  Ni Zheng
  Wu Yi-Gong
  Wang Yuan   Zhu Yong-De
Production Manager
  Xie Jing   Sek Gan-Bo
Re-Recording Mixer
  Zhang Yong-Mei
  n this rather erotic, stylish Chinese melodrama, an egotistical gigolo's life goes down the tubes. Though the film was originally made in 1993, it was banned because the censors felt the sex scenes were a tad too sexy for mainland audiences. Luo is the gigolo. He works as a tennis instructor at a posh resort in southern China. His girlfriend Ah Quing works there as a waitress. He makes his first illicit sojourn into sex for hire with the wealthy wife of a successful businessman during a heavy rain storm. The affair goes hot and heavy from there and Luo's cousin tries to convince him to stop before it's too late. Luo won't listen. Then the wife, fearing that her husband will find out and leave her destitute, tries to stop the affair. The film is also known as The Drowned Youth. (All Movie Guide)