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怪談 (2009)
The Unbelievable
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Documentary  Mystery 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (HK): 09/03/2009
  Chan Tat-Nin
  Amy Li
  Sze-To Six-Ching ... Host
  Rachel Chan Hiu-Wa ... Host
Production Company
  Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd.
Filming Company
  Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd.
  Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Executive Director
  Chan Tat-Nin
Assistant Director
  Jackie Choi   Jeffrey Kwok
  Wong Wai-Kit (2)   Chan Tat-Nin
Focus Puller
  Wong Wing-Kin
  Lee Sau-Chuen
  Liu Sin-Han
Assistant Makeup Artist
  Ho Ka-Yee (2)
  Hung Kai-Chor   Hui Hon-Keung
On-Set Sound Recordist
  Chan Shui-Kwong
Original Music
  Lincoln Lo Kin
Music Production
  Legend Music Production Ltd.
  Tsui Siu-Ming
Executive Producer
  Tom Cheung Ga-Lung
  Fong Sai-Keung
Project Manager
  Shirley Yung Sau-Lan
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinedigit Sound Ltd.
Sound Designer
  Nip Kei-Wing
Re-Recording Mixer
  Nip Kei-Wing
Dialogue Recording
  Ip Siu-Kei   Jas Fung Seng-Hang
Mandarin Dialogue
  Ip Ching (2)
Optical Transfer
  True Technic Facilities Limited
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
Subtitle Production
  True Technic Facilities Limited
  A film adaptation of the local TV show about paranormal happenings around town. (HK Magazine) ... A documentary team takes on an expedition to an exotic country in Southeast Asia in search of paranormal phenomena. What they never expected is a horrifying journey with encounters of unexplained occurrences. Led by a notable parapsychologist, the encounters are so gruesome and hone chilling beyond what they can bear, ranging from paranormal phenomenon such as poltergeist, exorcism, haunted house to supernatural force like witchcraft, spells, voodoo, curse, tec. (Sundream Pictures)