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夏至 (2007)
The Summer Solstice
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
  Li Rui-Jun
  Li Rui-Jun
  Zheng Hui    
  Song Jin-Yang    
  Zhang Min (6)    
  Li Rui-Jun    
  Liu Gan-Jun
  Li Rui-Jun
Production Manager
  Li Rui-Jun   Li Rui-Qi (1)
  25 year-old director Li Ruijun delivers an unsentimental and forceful portrait of a 21st century Chinese family and the pursuit of their dreams in a changing world. Hu Yang arrives in Beijing to make his fortune, but his company goes broke, and he becomes a monk to beg for alms. Love finds him when he chances into his sister-in-law Yang Hua, but a visit to Hu Yangs ancestral home proves scandalous. He and Yang Hua are asked to marry and they have a child together. However, Hu Yangs dreams beckon once more