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荒村客棧 (2008)
The Deserted Inn
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Thriller 
Release Date (HK): 08/15/2008
  Zhang Jing
  Zhang Jing
  Manfred Wong Man-Chun
  Albert Lee
  Wu Ren-Bing
  Lemon Zhang Meng ... Xiao Zhi
  He Mei-Tian ... He Ying
  Law Kar-Ying ... Boss Feng
  Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun ... Meng Fan
  Hong Jian-Tao ... Fan's manager
  Xue Shan ... Ou Yang
  Alyson ... Yan Zhi
Assistant Director
  Xiao Hei   Zong Jing   Wu Xuan
  Cai Jun (4)
Script Supervisor
  Zhang Lei (7)
  Meng Fan
  Chen Ming-Jian
Art Director
  Yu Qiang
Costume Designer
  Cao Li-Hong
  Shi Xiao-Juan
  Lee Kong (2)
  Ding Shou-Xin
Sound Recordist
  Chen Da-Ying   Li An-Lei
  Feng Ye
  Wang Xue-Feng   Zhang Hao (2)
  Sun Chen   Zhang Suzhou
Production Manager
  Zhu Liang
Filming Location
  Based on the novel "Huang Cun", in this thriller Kenny KWAN stars as a music composer MENG Fan, whose career has hit rock bottom when he's unable to come up with another surefire hit after "Sorry I love you", which launched his career a few years back. He has also just split up with his long time girlfriend, HE Ying when she pressures him to get married. One day when surfing the internet, he comes across an old town named "Huang Cun", which has picturesque scene of golden flowers and bamboo forest, as well as a a local inn aptly named "The Deserted Inn" with the legend of a beauty called "Rouge". In an attempt to take his mind off his problems and seek inpiration to write the next hit song he sorely needs, he sets out for a journet to "The deserted inn". Upon checking into the inn, MENG Fan encounters a series of strange events - he hears Rouge's singing every night and sometimes sees strange people wearing traditional Ming dynasty clothes on the street corners vanishing in just a blink. He is having nightmares that push him to the verge of a nervous breakdown, until he unveils the hidden past of the innkeeper... (hkfilmart)