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格日勒 (2005)
The Gerile
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Crime 
  Chan Shu-Kai
Action Directors
  Tam Chiu
  Chan Shu-Kai
  Belinda Hamnett ... [title char]
  Edwin Siu Ching-Nam ... Fong Fong
  Cheung Kwok-Keung ... Bureau Chief Wong
  Vincent Wan Yeung-Ming ... Captain Yeung
  Ha Tak-Wa ... Tsang
  Liu Jia ... Tin Mui
  Cheung Lap-Chi
Art Director
  Lau Chok-Hing
  Kei Kei-Kak
Production Manager
  Hung Hin-Pang
  Gerile was famous of her sensitive smell and being an outstanding investigator in drug smuggling. She was a good fighter as well. In one of her missions, the police announced lost of her contact while she was working on a case, large headlines were reported on newspapers and shocked the public. Reporter, On, suspected much on these newspaper reports for they never mentioned anything about how Gerile lost contact She began her search by contacting the people in the police station but she found out the mouths were tightly shut. After her hard work and insistence, the puzzles of Gerile's profile slowly fit together. [plot description from DVD cover. Spelling and grammatical mistakes preserved.]