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龍的深處:失落的拼圖 (2003)
Traces of a Dragon
Alias: Traces of a Dragon: Jackie Chan & His Lost Family
Origin: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese  Mandarin 
Genre: Documentary 
Rating: II A (Hong Kong) 
  Mabel Cheung Yuen-Ting
  Willie Chan Chi-Keung
  Solon So Chi-Hung
  Jackie Chan ... Himself
  Charles Chan Chi-Ping ... Himself (Jackie Chan's father)
  Fang Shi-De ... Himself (Jackie Chan eldest brother)
  Fang Shi-Sheng ... Himself (Jackie Chan second brother)
  Chan Yu-Lan ... Herself (Jackie Chan eldest sister)
  Chan Gui-Lan ... Herself (Jackie Chan second sister)
Production Company
  JCE Movies Limited
Assistant Director
  Henry Ng Hin-Wing
Director of Photography
  Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai
  Chow Lam
  Maurice Li Ming-Wen
Sound Recordist
  Teko Leung Chung-Wai   Ben Osmo   Zhan Xin
  Henry Lai Wan-Man
  Jackie Chan
Executive Producer
  Alex Law Kai-Yui   Doris Tse Ka-Wai
Production Manager
  Louis Wong Chun-Kau   Maggie To Yuk-Ching   Ben Hawke
  Cheng Tat
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Media Business Services Ltd.
Sound Designer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung
Re-Recording Mixer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung   George Lee Yiu-Keung
Dialogue Recording
  Yiu Chun-Hin   Yuen Ting-Yip   George Lee Yiu-Keung
  Narrated by Ti Lung, a documentary about the life of Charles Chan, the father of Jackie Chan. Interesting Fact: Jackie Chan name should be Jackie Fang!