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生無可戀甘為鬼 (1950)
Death Is Welcome When Life Is Dreary
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Ghost  Drama 
Release Date (HK): 04/02/1950
  Chow Sze-Luk
  Chow Tung-Chuen
  Pak Wan (1) ... Cheung Pak-Fan
  Pak Yin ... Chan So-Hing
  Lau Kwai-Hong    
  Ha Wa    
  Lee Yuet-Ching    
  Ko Lo-Chuen    
  Chow Yim-Chung    
  Woo Pin-Yue    
  Kwok Yan (1)    
  Ho Ho (2)    
  Ng Tung (1)    
Production Company
  Qinghua Film Company
Filming Company
  Nanyang Film Company
  Chan So-Hing, a girl from Taiwan, falls in love with Cheung Pak-Fan from the Mainland. Their families oppose their marriage, leading to unmitigated sorrow and final suicide by drowning at sea. (Based on newspaper advertisements.)