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花好月圓 (2004)
Elixir of Love
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Newport 
Genres: Comedy  Drama  Romantic Comedy 
Rating: I (Hong Kong) 
Release Date (HK): 02/05/2004
  Riley Yip Kam-Hung
  Riley Yip Kam-Hung
Martial Arts Director
  Ku Huen-Chiu
  Doris Tse Ka-Wai
  Jin Zhong-Qiang
  Richie Ren Xian-Qi ... Shum Mong Kai
  Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah ... Heung / Princess
  Kenny Bee ... Master Physician
  Eric Kot Man-Fai ... Fishy
  Lam Suet ... Big Fish
  Zhou Nan ... Small Fish
  Liu Heng-Yu ... Dr. Sung
  Zhao Liang ... Emperor
  Wu Qianqian ... Empress
  Sun Jiaolong ... General on tower
  Chen Jinhui ... Court physician
  Sun Zhong-Wei ... Court physician
  Yang Yang (17) ... Court physician
  Liu Lusheng ... Minister
  Zhang Qi-De ... Old man
  Ye Meng ... Old woman
  Tung Tung ... Master Physician's wife
  Zhou Hong ... Brothel boss
  Liang Yi-Nan ... Prostitute
  Gu Min-Jing ... Prostitute
  Yang Ya ... Prostitute
  Wu Li-Li (2) ... Prostitute
  Zhou Xiaoyan ... Prostitute
  Wu Min ... Prostitute
  Wang Ya-Yi ... Prostitute
  Sheng Xiaolu ... Prostitute
  Zhong Han-Hao ... Councillor
  Cao Shiping ... Councillor
  Liu Jin-Quan ... Councillor
  Sun Jun ... Silly councillor
  Alex Fong Lik-Sun ... Proposing prince
  Cai Jun (3) ... Proposing prince
  Wei Yun ... Proposing prince
  Li Jian-Xun ... Proposing prince
  Liu Wan-Yong ... Proposing prince
  Xiao Shuli ... Mid-wife
  Ge Ziming ... Palace attendant
  Zhao Zhu ... Imperial drummer
  Teng Yi-Xin ... Head of palace maid
  Wang Shaofeng (2) ... New born princess
  Wang Xinping ... Baby princess
  Cao Xiong ... Brothel customer
  Fang Zheng (2) ... Female fish buyer
  Fang Ling (2) ... Flower girl
  Wang Jiayan ... Flower girl
  Jia Lan-Run ... Contestant
  Jia Shi-Jun ... Contestant
  Xie Hai-Dong ... Contestant
  Ding Xiaolung ... Contestant
  Zheng Xin-Min ... Gang boss
  Liu Si-Yuan ... Banquet dancer
  Duan Jing ... Banquet dancer
  Zhang Yashu ... Banquet dancer
  Lu Dan (4) ... Banquet dancer
  Jin Jing (3) ... Banquet dancer
Production Companies
  Media Asia Film Company Limited
  China Film Co-Production Corp.
  Beijing Film Studio of China Film Group Corporation
First Assistant Director
  Thomas Chow Wai-Kwan
Second Assistant Director
  Ray Chan Wai-Ban
Assistant Director
  Guo Weidong   Ye Jin-Feng   Zhou Yingying
Script Supervisor
  Yuen Lai-Wa
Director of Photography
  Chan Chi-Ying
  Michael Tsui Siu-Kong
Art Director
  Horace Ma Kwong-Wing   Yang Zhan-Jia
Production Designer
  Kenneth Yee Chung-Man
Costume Designer
  Da Qing (2)   Zhang Xiaojun   Dora Ng Lei-Lo
  Zhou Yongqin   Shang Li-Ya
  Man Yun-Ling   Cheung Lai   Zheng Su-Juan
  Shi Run-Ling
Hair Stylist
  Tam Ying-Kwan   Zhang Heng-Xia   Wang Xia (2)
  Liu Qiu-Ju   Cheng Liping
  Maurice Li Ming-Wen   Azrael Chung Wai-Chiu
Props Master
  Hung Hin-Fat
Sound Recordist
  Hou Xiaohui
  Ronald Ng Lok-Shing
Assistant Martial Arts Director
  Fung Wai-Lun
  John Chong Ching   Yang Buting   Paco Wong Pak-Go
Senior Producer
  Jiang Tao
Lead Producer
  Han Sanping
Chief Planner
  Shi Dongming
Executive Planner
  He Pan-Pan
  Sam Shia Wai-Sum   Lorraine Hoh Lai-Seung
Production Manager
  Helen Li
Associate Production Manager
  Wang Jinghua (2)   Wang Xian-Fu   Sun Lianyu
Unit Production Manager
  Liu Er-Dong   Huang Yan-Li
Special Effects
  Cubists Limited   Brilliant Genesis Ltd.
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Media Business Services Ltd.
Re-Recording Mixer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung   George Lee Yiu-Keung
Dialogue Recording
  Yuen Ting-Yip   Yiu Chun-Hin
Dialogue Editing
  George Lee Yiu-Keung
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Once upon a time lives a princess in the 11th Century China. Blessed with wealth and beauty, she could have been the happiest creature in the world had she not been plagued by a most unfortunate disease: since birth, her body exudes an odor so noisome that everybody in the palace shuns her. To rescue her from the island of isolation that she has become, the Emperor decrees that whoever can rid her of this loathsome disease can become her royal consort. Kai is an amateur aromatherapist eking out his living as a gardener in a brothel. Earning little respect from the courtesans around him, he decides to try his luck and answer the Emperor's quest for cure. To everyone's surprise, he manages to beat all the traditional docotors and scientists to become one of the two finalists. Given three months to find the ultimateelixir for the princess, Kai roams about a fish market and bumps into the perfect lab rat for his experiment: a fishmonger called Heung whose body odor can only be matched by the princess. For her it is love at first sight and she is determined to help him all the way. For him she is just a means to his ultimate end: proving his worth and marrying the princess. Together the odd couple trek around the country, culling the rarest flowers and ingredients for the elixir. As they draw closer to the untimate cure, they also grow closer in affections ......