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魔幻廚房 (2004)
Magic Kitchen
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Release Date (HK): 01/15/2004
  Lee Chi-Ngai
  Lee Chi-Ngai
  John Chong Ching
  Lee Chi-Ngai
  Jerry Yan Cheng-Xu ... Ho
  Sammi Cheng Sau-Man ... Yau Murong
  Andy Lau Tak-Wah ... Chun Yao
  Maggie Q ... May
  Nicola Cheung Sam-Yuet ... Kwai
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ... Tony Ho
  Stephen Fung Tak-Lun ... Joseph
  Daniel Wu Yin-Cho ... Kevin
  Michael Wong Man-Tak ... Mook
  Sheila Chan Suk-Lan ... Yau's mother
  Law Kar-Ying ... Yau's father
  Michael Tong Man-Lung ... Don
  William So Wing-Hong ... Wine guy at May's party
  Higuchi Asuka ... King Chef Show's host
  Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu ... Kwai's crab dinner guest
  Lee Lik-Chi ... Kwai's crab dinner guest
  Jacqueline Law Wai-Guen ... Kwai's crab dinner guest
  Clarence Hui Yuen ... Kwai's crab dinner guest
  Zac Koo Hau-Zheng ... Hotel registration clerk
  Louisa Ng Wai-Bing ... Hotel registration clerk
  Teddy Lin Wai-Kin ... May's boyfriend
  Koshida Taroma    
  Miyazaki Takahiro    
  Nishijima Toru    
  Mizusawa Shingo    
  Sasaki Toshihiko    
  Shinohara Kazuko    
  Fukuda Hidekuni    
  Simon Yu Sai-Tang ... May's party guest
Production Companies
  Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd.
  Media Asia Film Company Limited
Assistant Director
  Matthew Tang Hon-Keung   Yi Siu-Mun
  Lam Wing-Sum
Script Supervisor
  Aggie Yeung Hiu-Wa
Director of Photography
  Arthur Wong Ngok-Tai
  Chow Lam
Art Director
  Ben Luk Man-Wah
Costume Designer
  Man Yun-Mei
Image Supervisor
  Kenneth Yee Chung-Man   Dora Ng Lei-Lo
  Heidi Chun Sau-Ha   Fanny Chan Miu-Ching
Hair Stylist
  Gary Poon Kwok-Kin   Minnie Cheung Wing-Yan
  Eric Kwong Chi-Leung
Props Master
  Wong Sai-Kit (2)
  Bo Wai-Tong   Chan Chun-Ting
Sound Recordist
  Tam Tak-Wing   Dennis Chen Chi-Kien
  John Chong Ching   Dou Shau-Fang   Huang Chin-Wen
Production Controller
  Shirley Lau Yim-Ngo
  Stephen Lam Bing-Kwan   Cho King-Man   Charlie Hau Kit-Fai
Film Coordinator
  Matthew Tang Hon-Keung
Production Manager
  Ronald Lau Si-Lok
Associate Production Manager
  Yan Chi-Wai
Special Effects
  Menfond Electronic Arts & Computer Design Co. Ltd.
Visual Effects Supervisor
  Eddy Wong Wang-Hin
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Media Business Services Ltd.
Sound Designer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung
Re-Recording Mixer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung   George Lee Yiu-Keung
Dialogue Recording
  Yuen Ting-Yip
Dialogue Editing
  Yuen Ting-Yip
  Yau is the chef and owner of a speakeasy restaurant who cooks everything literally by the book, or in her case, an encyclopedia of recipes she inherited from her mother. But her successful career cannot compensate for an empty love life. Haunted by a family curse overshadowing three generations and destines her to fial in very relationship, Yau's hilarious bar-hopping misadventures have earned the compassion of her boyish assistant and secret admirer Ho. On a tour to the "King Chef" TV show in Japan, Yau accidentally bumps into her ex-boyfriend Chun Yao, an old flame she still cannot let go after all these years. Unfortunately, he's happily dating and even planning to engage with Yau's best friend! Torn between two lovers - a beau down memory lane and an awkward boy-lover Yau is at the crossroads between both her love life and career. As she's heading to compete in the King Chef show, a showdown between friends and lovers in Japan spins everything out of control, but therein Yau discovers the key to unlock the family curse to her heart ......