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斗室96小時 (2003)
A Tragic Room
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Drama 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/03/2003 - 04/09/2003
  Bosco Lam Hing-Lung
  Bosco Lam Hing-Lung
  Cub Chin Kong-Hon
  Ng Kin-Hung
  Irene Wan Pik-Ha ... Lok Ping
  Sunny Chan Kam-Hung ... Lip Gune/Nip Kwan
  Leila Tong Ling ... Lok Yau Nam
  Leung Kar-Yan ... Teahouse boss [cameo]
  Sophie Ngan Chin-Man ... John's ex-girlfriend [cameo]
  Chang Kin-Yung    
  Leo Lo Hoi-Ying    
Production Company
  B&S Films Creation Works House
Filming Company
  Friendship Entertainment Company Limited (Forever Good Entertainment Limited)
  B&S Films Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Yung Chi-Mo
  Mak Hoi-Man
  Alan Chow Wing-Lun
  Mabel Kwan Mei-Bo
  Ho Wai-Chau
  Emma Lee Chi-Mei
Hair Dressing
  Jacky Leung Kwok-Wing
  Chan Tze-Leung
Sound Mixer
  Jamas Tse Yiu-Kei
  Hon Yeung   Patrick Kwok Chi-Yin
  Small Siu
Production Controller
  Takkie Yeung Yat-Tak
  Cheung Siu-Kin
Film Coordinator
  Delly Ku Oi-Ying
Production Manager
  Mak Man-Kin
Set Runner
  Cheng Wah-Yau
Still Photographer
  Fong Ho-Yuen
  True Technic Production Limited
  HMI Camera Limited   Hong Kong Equipment Rental Co., Ltd.
  Three years ago, Lok Ping witnessed her husband rape her sister Lok Yau Nam. She was so mad that she killed him. She was sentenced into jail for three years. Since her home is demolished before she is free, Ping stays at an old warehouse. Yau Nam becomes a drug addict prostitute as she lacks of care when Ping was in jail. Ping locks Yau Nam in the warehouse in order to force her to get rid of drugs. Yau Nam doesn't appreciate. She blames that she lived under her shadow because her parents show favor on Ping. Nam's boyfriend Lip Gune searches everywhere for her. He even posts a wanted advertisement with all the lovely words. He leaves a message on her voice mail that he will report her lost to the police. Ping met Gune. Ping tells a lie that Nam goes to America to visit her family. Gune doesn't believe and follows her to the warehouse. Gune found out that Ping locks Nam, but he is knock out by Ping afterwards. Nam and Gune are locked together. Gune shows his love for her, but Nam just treat Gune as a customer. Nam spread her anger and pain from getting rid of drug to Gune and Ping. Under the same condition, Gune and Ping tell each other about their love to Yau Nam. Gune is move by Ping and start to fall in love with Ping. After days of being together Ping loves Gune's purity of love. At the same time, Nam read Gune's love advertisement, suddenly she realize there is someone who loves her. She makes up her mind to get rid of drugs, and prepare her future together with Gune.In this broken warehouse, the three of them gives their best for their love, but it return the broken hearts hurt by their love at the end...