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賤精先生 (2002)
If U Care ...
Alias: If You Care ...
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 09/05/2002 - 10/12/2002
Box Office: HK $5,959,267
  Adrian Kwan Shun-Fai
  Adrian Kwan Shun-Fai
  Peter Tsi
  Wai Mei
  Benny Chan Muk-Sing
  Eason Chan Yik-Shun ... Gino Cheung Chun-fai
  Gillian Chung Yan-Tung ... Gillian / Kiu
  Eric Kot Man-Fai ... Biggie
  Candy Lo Hau-Yam ... Mrs Gloria Wong
  Rain Li Choi-Wah ... Jennifer Chung
  Hui Siu-Hung ... Polo
  Tats Lau Yi-Tat ... Principal of mental hospital
  Patrick Tang Kin-Wang ... Philip
  Yoyo Yiu Wing-Man ... Sze Siu Bo
  Bonnie Wong Man-Wai ... Fai's mother
  Lawrence Chou Chun-Wai ... Piggy Chu Chi Keung
  Lam Suet (1) ... Big Guy
  Lee Fung (1) ... Luvenia
  Chan Lik-Sang ... Mark
  Vincci Cheuk Wan-Chi ... LuLu Li
  Willie Wai Kar-Hung ... Hung
  Winston Yeh Ying-Wen ... Pastor
  Mantic Yiu Chi-Wan ... Woman with otteoporosis
  Alson Wong Ting-Bong ... Mental patient with cell phone
  Stanley Wong Hang ... Mental patient
  Tse Gam-Wing ... Asthma Patient
  Lau Suk-Wing ... Mr Wong
  Karl Chan Chi-Chiu ... Fat street busker
  Ching Long (2) ... Gino (child)
  Poon Long-Fung ... Hung (child)
  Au Tak-Yin ... Biggie (child)
  Tiu Man-Ming (2) ... Piggy (child)
  Fu Hiu-Man ... Sze Siu Bo (child)
  Sam Gai-Ming ... Big Sore (child)
  Sam Gai-Cheong ... Small Sore (child)
  Au-Yeung Goon-Bong ... Jonathan
  Cheng Bing-Chi ... Big Sore
  Cheng Bing-San ... Small Sore
  Mok Nga-Kwan (1) ... Gino's female colleague
  Lee Ga-Hing (2) ... Gino's female colleague
  Leung Chui-Saan ... Gino's female colleague
  Tang Chun-Lau ... Mr Pok
  Victy Wong Yin-Keung ... Mr Pok's staff
  Che Jan-Bong (1) ... Polo's staff
  Rex Ho Chun-Wai ... Jennifer's staff
  Wong Pui-Kei    
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Ambulance man
  Hui Kai-Ming    
Assistant Director
  Samson Sin Ka-Leung   Reeve Tang Chun-Au
Script Supervisor
  Jimmy Wan Chi-Man
  Tony Cheung Tung-Leung   Chan Chi-Ying   Thomas Yeung Yiu-Fai
  Chow Chi-Fai
Art Director
  Wong Ching-Ching   Choo Sung-Pong
Costume Designer
  Stephanie Wong Ka-Bo   Pat Tang Yu-Ho
  Man Yun-Ling
Hair Stylist
  Rachel Kong Tak-Yen
  Eric Kwong Chi-Leung
Props Master
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
Sound Recordist
  Tommy Ho Chi-Tong
  Cacine Wong Ka-Sin   Jacky Chan Kwok-Leung
  Daneil Lam Siu-Ming
Production Manager
  Wendy Wong Chiu-Man
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Media Business Services Ltd.
Sound Designer
  Kinson Tsang King-Cheung
  Cheung Chun Fai (Eason Chan) is a successful interior designer, earning money is his everyday first priority, and all his friends and family are just something unimportant to be. In his childhood, Fai was just like other children, having his own dream and ambition V he wanted to be a brave Fire Fighter. He has even made wish to God. But now, he lost his dream, and is just a realistic and egoistic man under the contamination of the contemporary society. He never be courteous, and never be empathetic. He always fights against his rival V Godzilla (Candy Lo) in the company. But everything just happened to change after his phenomenal incident. During an accident, Fai met up with his childhood companion Gil (Gillian Chung), who is now a Fire Fighter. After their childhood separation, Gil missed Fai so much. She was so touched by the ambition of Fai to be a Fire Fighter, so she takes up this job and hopes that could meet up with Fai one day. Fai was being kicked out from the company after the car accident, but at the same time, he amazingly found out that he had supernatural ability. Whenever he touches anyone, he is able to feel ones feeling no matter happy or sad and even the physical pains just like the actual role. Every time when Fai intended to make harm to the others, he could feel the pain and sadness of the victims at the same time. Because of those experiences, Fai started to change back into a kind man, and Fai and Gil fell in love at last. But the punishment from God seemed unable to remove the bad quality inside Fais instinct. Fai still wanted to take revenge to those colleagues. In a coincidence, Fai discovered a big secret of the company. After then, he started his revenge planning. Gil was unable to persuade Fai to stop the destructive plan, and then left him quietly with lots of disappointment. At this critical moment, an incredible incident appeared in front of Fai, and he finally understood those unexplainable events happened on him were not just a coincidence. Fai made up his mind, and started to find her back......