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賭城快活女 (1994)
Madam Q

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/02/2000
Summary: Superb Cheapie

Where do I start in describing this one ?
Imagine God Of Gamblers Return, with added sex scenes and humour, played at the speed and complexity of Kung Fu Cult Master, but without the big-name stars.
Well, that covers about half of it !

Actually, the story takes while to begin gelling, as it appears to jump all over the places for the first twenty minutes. But stick with it, then fasten your seat belts.

There are a number of lush sex scenes, plenty to smouldering glares and loads of screamingly funny comedy. My favourite couple is the assistant and the insatiable Japanese girl - she is a scream, and his reactions to her endless demands just killed me.

Nearly every form of gambling in HK is covered, and many of them are played for comedy. But of course the main focus is on cards.

If you can catch everything that happens during the climax, you're a genius. I've watched this stunner three times, and I'm only just getting it !

Slam bang action and great fun all the way. This film is a definite must-see.

Reviewer Score: 10