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一槍打爆你個頭 (1999)
Blow Your Head Off

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Blow Your Head Off (1999)

B&S has now released their Digital Video Productions for more than four months, though there are still discussions on the marketing position of this new product. Audiences seem to have gotten accustomed to DV movies. After releasing another horror movie, this week we have the drama, 'Blow Your Head Off,' in B&S DV Screen.

The movie is about a girl Elaine (SZE Yi-lin) who is not confident with the people around her. In her personal life, she is in a relationship with a married man (WONG Shu-kei). However, he is having difficulty in getting a divorce from his wife (CHEUNG Ching) who is demanding a large amount of money before she will agree to the divorce. Additionally, Elaine suspects that he continues to have sex with his wife. In the office, she believes that her boss is always trying to do something indecent to his female subordinates. While she is walking one day, a robbery occurs nearby, and Elaine accidentally gets possession of the gun the thief was using. Once Elaine gets the weapon, she totally changes and becomes unglued. Of course, whenever she then comes across something or someone she hates, she threatens the offender in the manner the film's title indicates. She even goes to meet WONG Shu-kei's wife and tries to force her into accepting the divorce.

Though 'Blow Your Head Off' might appear to be a 'bullet ballet' movie, it is actually a drama. The focus of the movie is the state of a girl who has become disassociated with her friends and colleagues. The first half of the movie tries to present her insecurity with the world and how she despises everyone. Once she is in possession of a gun, she feels empowered with the idea that she can kill anyone she hates. However, she does not have the nerve to act on this fantasy.

Director CHOW Wing is able to present the idea in principle. In terms of the primary plot itself, the film's structure is fine. However, there are many unnecessary scenes that could have been removed. For example, the first shot of Elaine sitting in a playground seems to be unrelated to the rest of the movie. Whenever there is action that takes place in the office, it starts with a few minutes of scenes around Hong Kong. All these exist simply to make the movie longer, and the result is boredom.

In terms of performance, I am afraid that this is where the film is really lacking. The acting of both women (SZE Yi-lin and CHEUNG Ching) is poor. As Elaine, SZE Yi-lin fails to convince the viewer of the emotions she should be feeling. The audience that attended the showing I watched was annoyed by her over-acting. Throughout the movie she simply looks too crazy, and it is hard to identify with her. As a woman consumed with ideas of conspiracy, she should be somewhat quiet or reserved but is not. We are only left with the impression that she is mentally disturbed.

CHEUNG Ching, who plays as WONG Shu-kei's wife, is very annoying. The audience had little patience for her high-pitched voice and interrupting behavior. At times I wondered whether she was a club girl rather than a girl addicted to gambling.

In short, 'Blow Your Head Off' is a drama trying to present the consequences of a woman distanced from her surrounding world and the ensuing paranoia. The idea was a good one, but actresses' poor performances ruin the movie.