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網上怪談之兇靈對話 (1999)
I. C. Kill

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: I. C. Kill (1999)

More and more movies are being made about computers and Internet, but there haven't been many Internet films made in Hong Kong. To follow Winner's porn film 'Internet Mirage', we have the B&S DV Production 'I. C. Kill' with a story based ICQ, an Internet medium popular with teens. In fact, it's a ghost story set on ICQ.

'I. C. Kill' starts with two young guys sharing a place, Roy (Jason CHU Wing-tong) and Jim (Michael TSE Tin-wah). Jim has just broken up with his girl and he's so depressed that he starts playing ICQ in order to meet new girls. Finally he meets a local girl called Hiroko (Liz KONG Hey-man) and they clicked and become online friends, even exchanging photos.

Jim and Roy both find Hiroko very pretty, but Roy pulls a scam aimed at getting a one-night stand with Hiroko. He uses Jim's ICQ Identity and asks Hiroko to meet. They meet at Ma Liu Shui, out of town. But he never comes back from the meeting and finally he is found dead.

Inspector LAI investigates the case. The prime suspect is Hiroko, but they can't get hold of her. LAI searches the old files and finds something that surprises him......

One thing that I really like about 'I. C. Kill' is the realistic presentation of computer stuff. This is usually a failing of movies related to computers and the Internet. In 'I. C. Kill', they give a realistic representation of a guy playing ICQ with Chinese input.

As for the plot itself, the basic structure is reasonable - there's beginning, middle and end. The use of ICQ is appropriate, and the computer displays are realistic.

But 'I. C. Kill' doesn't have the depth of content to be horrifying. For example, it could show some more of John and Hiroko's chats in ICQ to make the whole friendship more convincing. This would build the tension later on.

The film could also build Hiroko's character a bit more. In the movie Inspector LAI basically defines her character, but there is not enough context for the audience to get a handle on her. If Hiroko were to talk about her background some more, it would boost the emotional weight of her character.

'I. C. Kill' is a good effort from B&S DV Productions. They have made a success of presenting computer and Internet interaction. The story is complete in structure. It would help if they developed the characters more to add bite to the tension between them.