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我愛狐狸精 (1993)
I Love Miss Fox

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/17/2002
Summary: Uneven but fun

The character played by the likeable Lee Chung Ling does the jokey narration of this tale about a happily married and conservative but bored office worker. There is much good and much dull stuff here, all chopped in together.

First, the good stuff. This film marks the beginning of the short movie career of the astonishingly beautiful Lee Wai Kwan. She provides most of the full frontal nudity. A little in her first sex scene about 20 minutes, then a whole lot at 62 minutes, during a wild party scene which also involves two other (uncredited and unknown) beauties flashing their spadgers. There are long stretches between nude scenes, but this party scene, and a couple after it, more than make up.

The wild sex which Wang has with Nancy is amusingly contrasted with the rather dull sex with his wife. This is one of the very few Cat III's where you'll see a stable couple having normal and unexciting sex. This is hilariously contrasted with what Wang tries after his first fling. He puts his astonished wife through all the new positions he's learnt, resulting in confusion and minor injuries.

After the one-hour mark, when the movie really takes off, there's a ripper sex scene in a sports car. The co-ordination between the couple's lovemaking and movements of gadgets on the car is lotsa fun.

The bad news is that the jokey story is mostly rather talky and often bogs down with stupid and cliched jokes. But at least, the film is consistent in this regard, right down to the bossy Filipina maid.

I'm not quite sure whether to classify Leung Ka Yan's cameo at the end as good or bad. His attorney, more concerned for his goldfish than his clients, is mildly amusing.

In summary, the nude/sex scenes are terrific and generous. Man, I was never invited to parties like the one Nancy held in her flat. But these scenes are too far apart. And it was a bit of a waste not to show Yau Yuet Ching's great body. Watch with finger poised over fast-forwad button.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: Sean
Date: 06/27/2001
Summary: Standard to dull

This is pretty typical. A guy with a dull and boring wife starts having an affair with a young sexy girl, and then discovers that with a quick makeover his wife turns into a beautiful woman, coveted by the male population of Hong Kong. The star gets her kit off near the beginning and then again for a short time later on, but it's really not enough.