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三級七日情 (1992)
Unforgetful Holiday

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/24/2000
Summary: Great fun porn cheapie

One of my favourites, and outstanding if, for no other reason, that it's one of the VERY few Cat III HK movies ever made which is all about fun sex with no violence !

Rena M and Chan Wing Chi look scrumptious, and Stu Ong and Charlie Cho do their standard double-act.

Extremely silly plot, but that's a minor detail. Tons of sex scenes, plenty of nudity, no violence at all. Everything a no-brain Cat III film should be.

Highly recommended.

Previously published:
An excellent feel-good and great fun porno, completely free of the violence and gore which is endemic in this genre. The plot is mostly hard to follow, but it concerns the efforts of Charlie (Charlie Cho Cha-Lei), a pushy and completely sex-mad HK businessman, to get dopey Mainland (Shanghai) businessman Mr Yung Hung (not the actress Yvonne Yung !) in a good mood for an upcoming deal. Charlie treats Hung to his first no-hands meal (where cute naked girls allow them to eat off their bodies) at a Korean restaurant. Then, he treats Hung to sex on wheels - being drivenaround HK at night in a delivery van and working through the kama sutra with a luscious young woman. The next night, they proceed to a nightclub, where they meet the three hostesses (named Lisa, Marlene and "?") with whom they'll go on a yacht cruise. Headed for the mainland, Charlie takes a break from steering the yacht to have sex with "?" all over the upper deck, including on the steering wheel, which causes the boat to run aground and his mobile phone to fall into the sea. Floating free and with out of contact, they land on an isolated island, inhabited only by a muscular communist named Tai Shui. With nothing to do but wait for the next boat to arrive, they eat eel for dinner, which Charlie assures Hung is a great performance enhancer (and he ain't talking sprinting, either!). This proves to be true. Marlene finds Shui chopping wood at night, asks why, is told he's thinking of women, then she makes him stop thinking and, over the following days, whenever horny, he yells out to Marlene "I want to chop the wood". Charlie screws "?" silly all over the place, including on a swing, and even the shy Hung and Lisa finally get around to it, after a long heart to heart on a cliff under the moonlight. More than half the screen time is taken up with nude/sex scenes which range from warm and romantic to fantastically varied and screamingly funny, and most of them are filmed outdoors. OVERALL : Hilarious and great fun.

Reviewer Score: 10