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神探光頭妹 (1982)
Dragon Force

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/29/2001
Summary: Weak

Yet another case of "the cover art is a lot better than the movie", promising a very pretty naked woman being painted with chinese characters and Bruce Li kicking everyone in sight. Well, these two promises are literally true, and they are the best parts, but in total that would account for about ten minutes. There's a couple of other action scenes, mostly consisting of the Dragon Force slaying bright orange-garbed ninjas by the dozen.

If action is your food, you'd still be hungry after this one. Mandy Moore (who the hell is she ?) does two nude scenes. One in the bath (lotsa soap suds) and one where her head is shaved, clothes removed (full frontal), and she is operated upon while in the lotus position. A pleasant scene, until they start sticking the needles in (ugh!).

The cast spend much of the time wandering around as if they have no idea what's going on. There are plenty of gimmicks which, with a tight script and better direction, might have made a quite entertaining little multi-national actioner, instead of this mostly dull muddle.

Reviewer Score: 3