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給我一個吻 (1968)
Won't You Give Me a Kiss?

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 02/05/2004

Not one of the better Connie Chan/Lui Kei pairings, though it has a few good moments. The fault probably lies in the weak script.

Happy (Lui Kei) lives with Honey (Ha Ping), a club singer to support his ailing mother but falls for a department store clerk Lau(Connie).
So I guess he's basically a monogamous gigolo. When Honey finds out she brings her mod gang of girlfriends, in white go-go boots, to the shop and a huge catfight breaks out. Lydia Shum, a fellow clerk, joins the fray. An Indian store guard (or a Honkie in blackface) loses his pants in the ensuing brawl. Later, Connie gets a job at Honey's club and we see her in a psuedo-Playboy outfit, white bunny ears included.

Ha Ping sings a song early in the film. Lui Kei and Connie sing a duet during the 'falling in love' montage. And Connie sings a slow song solo that quite frankly sounds terrible. The two solo songs by Ha Ping and Connie in the club are both accompanied by dancers doing a weird amalgalm of modern and ballroom dance. The song Georgy Girl can be heard twice as incidental music. This must have been an extremely popular song in HK as I've noticed that this song appears _a lot_ in Connie's

Towards the end, Lui Kei learns to play the drums and fills in at the club but then loses a leg when Ha Ping runs him down in a car. Maybe for his poor fashion sense of wearing a skinny tie and a shirt with four inch collars.

Sai Gwa Pau makes an appearance as a man interrupted in a bathroom. Lai Man plays Lui Kei's ailing mother and Ko Lo-Chuen is Connie's wheelchair bound father. Lok Kung is Chow the club manager who drugs and tries to take advantage of Connie. A young and dashing Stanley Fung is Happy's friend Henry. The supporting cast, unfortunately, is pretty much wasted. He and Ha Ping provide the most interest, along with the 1960's mod fashions.

The film is in color and widescreen.

Reviewer Score: 5