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功守道 (2017)
On That Night... While We Dream

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 06/30/2020
Summary: Divertimento

A small "divertimento" for the greater glory of the great boss of the giant Alibaba, who plays a kind of unpleasant Bruce Lee in the Tower of Death and in which he faces, and defeats, in various disciplines, almost all the great stars of the genre still active.

This short film also contains the talents of three of the best martial arts scene designers of the last 35 years, each contributing their little touches on the movements of the fighters and also their typical clichés, some more comical, others more fantastic, although especially from an always visual approach, because its true execution corresponds to their disciple Ku Huen-Chiu.

The result is the typical effective product but devoid of real substance that nevertheless will make fans of that action cinema spend a pleasant time.

Reviewer Score: 6