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血戰五形拳 (1981)
The Dragon's Snake Fist

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 08/21/2017
Summary: Nothing to write home about...

Two rival school’s masters face off on a deserted beach to determine which can stay in the area and teach their style without issues. After Master Chu (Kim Ki-chu) and his snake fist are victorious, Master Wai (Martin Chui) and his crane fist are banished. Flash forward many years and Dragon Wu (Dragon Lee) is setting off to open a snake fist school in the town of his betrothed (Seo Jeong-ah). Predictably, he runs into issues when Master Wai’s son (Kim Ki-hong) feels that Dragon is invading territory outside the snake school’s jurisdiction. The crane school resorts to any means necessary to expel Dragon and his students, including kidnapping and murder.

The Dragon’s Snake Fist is a decent film and Dragon Lee is always good in his roles, no matter if he is trying to imitate Bruce Lee or not. Kim Ki-hong as Master Wai’s son is fun to watch too, as well as Yuen Qiu as Wai’s daughter. Unfortunately, the choreography does not live up to the ability of the cast, and there are no stand-out scenes that really have any impact. The fights weren’t necessarily bad, they just didn’t provide any memorable moments other than a crane school fire-breathing nutcase who lights his own hair on fire and rolls around in broken glass. As a side note, the English dubbed version I saw appears to be edited, as there are some production stills that show scenes that don’t appear in the Godfrey Ho version.


Reviewer Score: 6