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Hua Wei Trading Company

  The Evil Scientist (1936)
  My Life (1937)
  Seven Beauties (1938)
  The Miser (1938)
  Blood, Tears and Love (1938)
  Chamber of Powder and Rouge (1938)
  The Seductive Empress Now and Then (1939)
  The Woman General (1939)
  The Lone Swan (1939)
  Tears of Pearl (1939)
  Suicide of an Empress (1939)
  Triple Stealing of the Nine-Dragon Cup (1939)
  The Final Victory (1939)
  The Lovelorn (1939)
  I am a Female Companion (1939)
  Hubbub at Three Gate Street (1939)
  The Beautiful Woman Warrior (1939)
  The Swordswoman of the Wild River: Against the Han Clan (1940)
  The Mother Bridge (1940)
  Ancient Kingdom of Human Freaks (1941)
  Mother and Son (1941)
  An Unfaithful Wife (1941)
  The River Serenade (1941)