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Chi Hsien Film Co., Ltd.

Ch-Shyan Film Co., Ltd.
  Bruce Tuan's 7 Promises (1980)
  Chivalry Deadly Feud (1980)
  The Unsinkable Miss Calabash (1981)
  The Imperial Sword Killing the Devil (1981)
  A Romantic Knight (1981)
  The Stupid Birds the Sky (1982)
  A Life of Ninja (1983)
  Myth of a City (1985)
  One Bright Day (1985)
  Chase a Fortune (1985)
  Crazy Games (1985)
  The Matrimony (1985)
  Little Master (1986)
  The Story Behind the Concert (1986)
  The Missing People (1987)
  Auntie Jinshui (1987)
  My Father Is Not a Thief (1987)
  Sister Cupid (1987)
  Reincarnation (1987)
  Young Soldier (1990)