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Postby bkasten » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:30 pm

I thought I would update everyone on the site's hosting financials since instituting limited advertising on some of the site's pages about three weeks ago.

It's good news.

While things are still a little bit in flux, I think we are on course to have the current advertising arrangement cover the expenses for hosting.

I am currently running two virtual servers. One acts as the primary system, and one acts as a standby, and a backup to the primary. The combined cost of these two servers is now at ($70USD + $26USD) per month. I am going to be phasing out the current primary system, and switching over to the backup, and then bringing in a new and less expensive backup.

At this point, ad revenue is extrapolating out to anywhere from $45USD to $125USD per month (it varies quite a lot). And while this will just about cover expenses at the low end, it also opens an opportunity to get the site on a fully dedicated server as it ran from 2006-2007. This will give us vastly improved performance. I consider the site's current performance on the virtual severs to be marginally acceptable (and I have no way of purchasing SLA guaranteed I/O from these commodity vendors, so I have no options there).

I will continue to evaluate over the next two or three months on this last issue. If the revenue is there, I will switch the site over.

Nonetheless, it's good news. We are on target for the site's hosting expenses to fund themselves now.


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