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Another 10,000 milestone

Postby bkasten » Sun Jun 26, 2005 6:36 pm

MrBooth, HKMDB's most prolific review contributor, has submitted the site's 10,000th movie review. 10,000 reviews is impressive, and readers will find many extremely well-written and thoughtful reviews among those 10,000.
We'd also like to thank everyone else who has taken the time to submit thoughtful reviews, most especially Libretio, mrblue, dleedlee, j.crawford, STSH, Sydneyguy, pjshimmer, mpongpun, magic-8, Arshadnm6, danton, as well as David Harris and Paul Fonoroff. But most of all we thank MrBooth for the 125,773 words that comprise his 448 excellent reviews.
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