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Postby bkasten » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:40 pm


The Hong Kong Movie Database (HKMDB) is a place to freely look up highly detailed information about films made in Hong Kong, or films associated in some way with Hong Kong film production.

The HKMDB's usefulness and uniqueness comes from the data being completely bi-lingual. It is in the Chinese language (Traditional/Big5 encoding) as well as in English. And although the overall site is geared primarily toward English, the site's data is 100% based in the Chinese language. No films or persons are added to this database without first having a Chinese name.

The HKMDB data is meticulously maintained by the hard work and extreme dedication of the Eight Immortals of HKMDB (Andrew, Jean, Heinz, Dennis, Michael, John, Bill, and Carlos) and the HKMDB Editors team.

For the technical side, site's *nix server, MySQL database, back-end perl and HTML::Mason code, and markup, have been maintained by Bob since 2002.
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