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Where Are They Now?: Conan Lee

PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 4:47 am
by Brian Thibodeau
Thanks to some comments posted on videos at YouTube, I stumbled across his website:

It has some decent pictures in the galleries from various points in his career, and his ego is still somewhat present in much of the text. The site seems to exist largely as an adjunct to shill for Conan Lee Nutrition, makers of "Hemoxygen" (, a nutritional supplement he claims to have personally developed in conjunction with "a group of scientists, herbal experts and both Chinese and Western researchers" :roll: , and a product he likewise claims extended the life of his mother several years past the date of early expiry she was handed by her doctor. If true, that's great, but I'm more skeptical of the development story. So many nutritional supplements are created long before any celeb (A-list, B-list, Z-list) on the bottle ever came into contact with them, and too often they seem like (and are) an easy way to maintain a public image when the ol' career ain't what it used to be. People posting on YouTube claim that a big comeback is just around the corner, which would be nice to see provide he started out small, with character or bit parts in higher-profile pictures and series (as with last year's appearance on NUMB3RS). Maybe a few guest spots on HK television or films. But if he's really serious, as he seems to be on his web site, that "his new projects involve ten stories that he has created for the movies and plans to produce and star", especially in this era of dwindling DVD rentals and eroding sales, I seriously doubt he'll get anywhere close to completing ten productions with himself in lead roles. Guess we'll see . . .

He was also hired as a "founder" of The Healthy Coffee Company, according to this (again trading on his status as an "all-time Hong Kong box office champ"): ... -13318.htm