Anyone know what this movie is?

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Anyone know what this movie is?

Postby KMGor » Fri May 22, 2009 10:23 pm

Found this listing of what is claimed to be a 1981 HK movie, from

"The obscure 1981 Hong Kong cult classic Day of the Tiger and it's 1989 sequel are literately made of this trope. The movie opens with a white-suited waiter exploding from being shot, once, in the chest. Over the course of the first movie, a man is thrown through another man, people are killed by fingers, decapitated by kicks to the head, a ninja explodes from being punched in the back, the protagonist bites off somebodies leg, a man is pulled through a fist sized hole in a concrete wall and a man's chest muscles are ripped completely off, as a tiny sample. And this is the first movie; the sequel had three times the budget and featured a very obese man being sliced in half and releasing several hundred pounds of gut onto the ground. "

I've seen numerous listings of CATIII films and ultra-gorey HK films, but never even heard of this one. Is this an actual movie? I sure couldn't find it in the DB...
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