ID of movie: Duel of Living and Dead (?)

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ID of movie: Duel of Living and Dead (?)

Postby jackjack » Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:28 pm


A guy told me about this movie some time ago but it didn't ring a bell even though I've watched quite a few HK horror movies (or have at least watched some trailers or read reviews about them, i.e. could tell that it's *not* the movie he described), and I wasn't able to find anything about it on the web. Not that it sounded like a movie that is really worth watching, but it still bugs me that I can't find anything about it. Obviously the English title of the movie is wrong. It might be just a tagline on the video cover or a bad translation of the Chinese title.

Here is what I remember about the description he gave me, maybe someone here knows it?

It's a typical ghost-revenge plot. A Japanese soldier rapes and kills a woman who comes back as a ghost and tries to get her revenge several years later. Later in the movie, he (of course) gets the help of an exorcist and his assistant and they try to lure the ghost into a trap, but after some fighting during which she calls several "sister" ghosts, she manages to escape. At the end of the movie the assistant helps the ghost to get her revenge and she kills the soldier after they have fought their way through his henchmen. There's also some side story about a brother-sister team of pick pockets. (Don't know how or if they're related to the main plot.)

The movie is probably from the 1990's, maybe late 80's ... (or early 2000 ... I don't really know :roll:)
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