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wanted hk movies

Postby eric draven » Sat May 26, 2007 10:39 am


I'm looking for rares HK movies, for buy or trade:

midnight revenge
misfire -shaw-
revenge in Hong Kong
the system (1979)
the extra (1978)
3 stooges go undercover -shaw-
one step ahead
ugly tycoon -shaw-
bank buster (1978)
life goes on
obsessed (1983)
my mind, your body -shaw-
record of blood (1982)
to sir with trouble
9 to 3
an honest crook
life full of evils
food for sharks
challenge on chasing girls
torrid wave
naughty girls
Crazy Games
temptation of dance
shy boys
bloody mission
love bittersweet
curse of evil
one way only (1979)
The Daring Age
only for you (1986)
young dreams

if someone can help me, it will be great :D ... coz they are very difficult to find

thx a lot
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Re: wanted hk movies

Postby eric draven » Wed May 13, 2009 9:10 am


watch out (1986)
stealing is no crime
ruthless family (alex man)
The Man from Vietnam
daring kung fu refugee
people's police
lost generation
Cadets On The Beat
funny face
crazy cops
dirty girl
avenger from hell
dirty angel
outlaw genes
how are you my friend?
the phantom killer
no big deal
ping pong
gambling ghost are ready
double decker
first time
mad mad 97 (tony leung)
struggle for leader
devil and ghostbuster
club girls
shyly joker
the surgeon
the drummer (leslie cheung)
new york chinatown
spirit love (joey wong)
lake sprite
child of peach
the pearl of oriental
the game they called sex
grow up in anger
sensationnal pair
carry on police
no u-turn
wrong wedding trail
can't stop the war
Yu Pui Tsuen
charlie's bubble
silent romance
send in the clown
the body is willing
conduct zero
way to hell
the sweet and sour cops
my mother's tea house
three wishes
sisters of the world unit
The Woman of Wrath
mission over eagle castle
beloved daddy
Double Fixation
talk to me dicky
second to none
pituitary hunter
challenge to devil area
erotic journey
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