News Links - 2/23/09

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News Links - 2/23/09

Postby dleedlee » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:14 pm

Chow Yun-Fat contemplating Hu Mei's upcoming Confucius?
May give up cmpeting offer from Peter Chan for role as Sun Yat-Sen in Dark October ... 868180.htm
Previously ... 905992.htm

Cherie Chung asked if she would consider coming out of retirement
Image ... 534/1.html

Praise Flooding Indie Blockuster Film `Old Partner` ... 9021949108

Japan's 'Departures' adds Oscar gold to awards haul ... IBeOEs6YsQ
'Departures' surprises at Oscars ... 1118000453

Jang Dong-gun to play president in new film ... 240057.asp

Andy Lau Fans Club Opens Branch in Shanghai
Filming Detective Dee, Secret sequel

Brigitte Lin attends wedding ceremony for Irene Wong Lam's cousin
Cally Kwong
Irene Wong and husband
Donnie Yen in casual wear :oops:
Image ... 5957.shtml ... 5954.shtml

Bloggers sued for "whoring" claim regarding Xie Jin's death ... 878937.htm

Edison Chen testifying in Vancouver this week
Asian pop star to tell court details of sex photo case
Disgraced Hong Kong star steps back into limelight to testify in B.C. court ... y/National

China plans 50 propaganda pics
Films mark 60th anniversary of communist rule ... id=13&cs=1

DotAsia announces joint initiative with RTHK to celebrate 100 years of Hong Kong films ... 01372.html

Cell phone stolen at (Timmy) Hung Tin Ming's bar, Lee San San called the police, afraid her privacy will be exposed ... 29537.html

Cheer Chan Again Draws a Full House

China's surveillance cop arrested
Czar booked on suspicion of taking bribes ... id=19&cs=1
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Re: News Links - 2/23/09

Postby duriandave » Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:48 pm

Cheer Chan Again Draws a Full House

Hopefully, one of these days I'll be able to see her perform (and Mavis Fan too).

And wow... I never expected to see Cheer Chen with a full-sleeve tattoo. That must be new.
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