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News Links - 2/18/09

Postby dleedlee » Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:16 pm

Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
Nick Cheung - Best Actor (Beast Stalker)
Wong Jing and Ann Hui (Best Director, Best Picture for The Way We Are)

Pau Hee-Ching - Best Actress (The Way We Are)
Pau Hee-Ching and husband Fong Ping
Derek Yee, presenter, with Ivy Ho - Best Screenplay (Claustrophobia)
Dante Lam - center
Derek Yee
Image ... 8520.shtml
Big winner Ann Hui

Hung Yan-Yan directs 'Unparalleled Fight'(?)
Sam Lee
Jiang Lu-Xia
Image ... 8465.shtml

Behind the fairy tale marriage lies murderous intentions
Irreversi opens February 20, filmed in 2006
Lau Hoi-Wai and Margaret Wong
"Irreversi" Shoots in Two Languages

Tsai Ming-Liang begins shooting Taipei section of Face
Chen Hsiang-Chi
Image (more)

Zhao Wei and Chen Kun attend Mulan press conference
Korean-American singer Nicky/Daniel Lee/Li Jiu Zhe costars
Image ... 9779.shtml
Nicky Lee - China Beat

Dragonball: Evolution
South Korea arrival photos of Chow Yun-Fat
Jamie Chung
Image (more)

Taiwan press conference photos ... 161938.jpg
Joon Park (Yamcha) ... 161922.jpg
Jamie Chung (Chi Chi) ... 161925.jpg
Emmy Rossum (Bulma) ... 161920.jpg ... 9199.shtml (more)

'Dragonball' to Make World Premiere in Korea ... 39775.html

Shanghai (lit. Spy Sea Wind and Cloud)
Gong Li's English lines reportedly unsatisfactory
Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li and John Cusack
Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock preview alarms viewers
Film darker than expected, described as sensitive and melancholy but audiences also quoted as saying he does not understand music

Yatterman review ... id=31&cs=1

Mainland Taste Subtle Flavor of Taiwan through Film
Cape No. 7 second Taiwan film released in sixty years

'Jin Da Ban' (Last Night of Madame Chin) Held Press Conference

Five potential Chinese-New Zealand co-productions
Including A Kung Fu Western Love Story ... d=10557275 ... fault.aspx

Korea’s favorite robot hero back from the ’70s
Image ... id=2901163

Chow Yun-Fat action figure for Dragonball: Evolution
Asked about Brigitte Lin's comeback, Chow singles out only Shu Qi and Kwai Lun-Mei as notable in the new generation, so Lin should return
Image ... 805/1.html

Gillian Chung to share impact of sex photo scandal on talk show ... 1b9bc.html

Gigi Lai throws dinner to celebrate her marriage ... 1b9bc.html
Gigi Lai invests millions on Wedding banquet ... 28243.html
Gigi Lai's Wedding Gown Pics

Ariel Lin hospitalized for eight days; suspected to have had an operation ... 28305.html

Miffty Zhang to host infotainment program for hometown TV station ... 1b9bc.html
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More on the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

Postby dleedlee » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:55 pm


The Fifteenth Annual Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award
presentation ceremony was held at Sai Wan Ho Film Archive yesterday.
Derek Yee Tung Sing presented the awards to "Best Film" THE WAY WE ARE
(TIN SHUI WAI DIK YUT YU YEH), "Best Director" THE WAY WE ARE's Ann Hui On
Wa, "Best Screenplay" CLAUSTROPHOBIA (CHUN MUK)'s Ivy Ho (Ong Sai), "Best
Actress" THE WAY WE ARE's Paw Hee Jing (Bao Hei Jing), and "Best Actor"
BEAST STALKER (JING YUN)'s Nick Cheung Ka Fai. In addition, the event
also presented awards to seven recommend movies, including HIGH NOON (LIT

First time Best actor and Best Actress, Cheung Ka Fai and Bao Hei
Jing, shed tears of joy when they received their awards. They were both
excited and happy. Cheung Ka Fai yesterday joked that with this award in
hand he believed that immigration would depend on it. He also took out a
"cheat sheet" for his speech. He said, "Just now Hui On Wa had a lot to
share, but I have even more to say because I have never won. I have seen
friends win more frequently."

Ka Fai would like to thank the director Dante Lam Chiu Yi, the
cast and the crew. He said, "This award belongs to everyone." Ka Fai
used "machine" to describe the feelings of this award, he said while he
wept, "Like a factory with many machines, it creates a lot of products.
Many people only pay attention to brand name machines and have never paid
attention to obscure machines. Yet one day the Critic Society came to the
factory, saw the products that this machine manufactured were pretty, and
gave this award to me. This award has a lot of significance to me."

Bao Hei Jing was already in tears before she came on stage. She
said recently she thought she was Cinderella. She would like to thank Siu
Bo (Yee Tung Sing) for presenting this award to her because she knew Siu
Bo has never presented awards. She would also like to thank Siu Bo for
bringing her to the film industry. She said, "I believe that no one would
give me an award again, so I would cherish this award. After 40 years in
the business, I am truly infinitely grateful for being recognized. This
is my first award, or is likely to be the only one, my husband (Fong Ping)
said that he wanted to clear off the Fortune and Longevity statues to
make room for my awards."

She was also grateful to Hui On Wa, a brave director, and her
husband Fong Ping who served as her photographer yesterday. After the
event, Bao Hei Jing felt vindicated. When the event announced the
winners, she did not dare to believe it. The Hong Kong Film Award
nomination was already a great honor. This was her first Hong Kong Film
Award nomination, which was already an affirmation. How would Sister Bao
celebrate? She said dinner with a group of friends. She also hoped that
in the future she would be able to make more movies.

Yee Tung Sing was responsible for presenting yesterday's Hong Kong
Film Critics Society awards to five winners. When Siu Bo presented the
award to Sister Bao he even presented it on his knee.

Siu Bo expressed that he has always felt that he was not qualified
to present awards to others, but this time with winners Ong Sai, Hui On
Wa, Cheung Ka Fai and Sister Bao he immediately agreed. He felt truly
emotional. He also said that they were four of the filmmakers who he
respected the most. Many people say that the Critics Society was a small
circle, but he felt it has played a significant role. Many people would
compare this award with the Hong Kong Film Award and the Director's Guild
award, but the comparison was unnecessary. Everyone came from a different
film point of view, fact, actually all of them were small circle
activities. If a movie was only measured with box office, Hong Kong from
then on would not have its own culture.

Hui On Wa received the Best Director and Best Film awards. She
said that this year she had a lot to say. She would like to thank the
actors and behind-the-scenes staff. Before she thought winning an award
was for her vanity and for convenience to find a job afterward, but now
she has a new revelation. Just as when she shot the film, initially she
did not know what it would turn out but she still daringly went ahead with
it. Now it has been recognized, she could tell other directors that this
approach to filmmaking was viable, shoot once they have the idea and the
creativity. She also said directors on many occasions would not have
enough money for the shoot, but apart from money, actually good faith and
creativity were also important.
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